San Leon. A word to the Wise! Trolling never pays!

Exposed Christopher Holden lives in Bury Greater Manchester.

Welcome to the sick world of Bury Grammar school educated Christopher Holden the 38-year-old North of England based Multi-Millionaire professional Trader who has over a considerable period of time posted disgraceful, abusive comments & sent abusive emails using a myriad of fake, false identities. One of Holden’s wheezes is to sign up the site admin for sexually explicit material. I’ll just go through some of the known false emails and chat identities, (there’s just too many to list so I’ll write a dozen or so). Holden has over 10 false accounts on ADVFN with screen names such as “ralph moat,Juniortopinfo, smellyjim, perthglory, Rob74son, bornos47, 1drtli, hectorpl2 & one which says it all about this online creep “bellend2” The creep has had a multitude of fake accounts on Interactive Investor, “Manic Miner” being just one of them & London South East “goinglikearocket” where he conducts his ramping or bashing operations depending on which position he has taken on a stock.

We managed to track, trace & monitor his activities over a considerable period of time helped enormously by the Nina Logan’s Facebook account which links directly to many of his family & friends indeed there’s even a picture of him on his wife’s Facebook account.

One identity which led to the unmasking was that of Nina Logans who contacted the site admin last year pretending to be an irate female. (What a sicko pretending to be a female). Holden had set himself up as a female trader with fake google email accounts and FINANCIAL CHAT SITE IDENTITIES et al! ( various other email accounts were used, with different slants on the purported sex, ie female evaarmstrong, evaarmstrong444, ninalogans12, ninalogans123, Holden has also used BT Email accounts and sends his abuse out via A BTINTERNET IP.

Now with this type of whacko you can bet that his abuse of our site is the tip of an iceberg. If you check his BTINTERNET ACCOUNTS & history just what would one find? The lunatic is a serial online nutcase who should be banned from the internet. Yesterday morning he was operating on ADVFN’S Xcite energy Board when a link to the up-coming article was posted “Multi-millionaire to be exposed online in 24 Hours!” Holden then disappeared for over 4 hours to enlist the services of a solicitor (Aughton Ainsworth INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM FurnessHouse FurnessQuays Salford Quays Manchester M50 3XZ) who contacted the site admin threatening a Super-Injunction. We responded to them & passed it to our legal representative. Holden’s solicitor states that his client apologised for the comments in Feb 2011 & has not visited the site since which is a complete & utter lie. A quick check of his ip service provider history & logs will reveal the tissue of lies that Holden now seeks to maintain in an effort to deflect away from his nefarious online activities.

Holden is nothing more than the sum of his parts, A NASTY, DEVIOUS CHARACTER who has now been exposed online for all to see. As for his solicitor & threats of Super-Injunctions I say this to you directly; BRING IT ON!



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  1. Chupa says:

    Your very slow to act Dan considering you have supposedly been looking at SLE for months but never declared a holding nor even uttered the words San Leon previously.

    Nice copy and paste by the way from the company website.

    Do you offer anything we don’t already know?

    • Alpha subscriber says:

      So lets get this clear This mans Blog should declare every stock he is looking at and researching? He declared a holding didn’t he? Cut n paste really? You’re attitude is absurd friend the cut and paste how crazy a statement. They are official company documents. As any investor knows check out what the company are telling the market and use company doc’s whether they be from the company or from a broker or news agency. To come on here posting bile is really very shallow.
      By the way Dan I’m not a fan of the Blog but I do respect your ability to research and pick stocks that are strong.
      Thanks for the Robin Bachleor info interesting to learn that he may have had a hand in the San investment.

      • 13thMonkey says:

        Well said Alpha.

        • Chupa says:

          As I said, does he offer anything we do not already know?

          Whats new and why was he not that confident to take a hold 4 months ago whilst researching it?

          Let the man speak for himself

          • Biggleswick says:

            I am not going to speak for the man but I know full well you have copied and pasted your particular brag from iii.

          • 13thMonkey says:

            Chupa, are you for real? “why was he not confident to take a hold 4 months ago whilst researching it?” Erm, because he hadn’t finished researching it?

            If you don’t feel like you get anything useful from the blog, feel free to jog on. We’ll get over your absence eventually.


          • Brokerman says:

            I decide what company I research and I also choose when to invest. I was unaware of your very existence on the planet and never realised that I had an obligation to inform you before researching, posting or investing in a company! I do not have to inform you Chupa of what I am researching or who my sources may or may not be. I suggest you concentrate on your portfolio (if you have one) and desist from making ludicrous posts demanding to be kept in the loop before the Blogosphere!
            You like me are anonymous and ever so it shall be.


  2. John says:

    Dan, personally I am already 135% up on my SLE holding, but for the reasons you state I have no intention of selling, not until the SP is a lot higher.

    Given the pilot plant in the oil shale area near Tarfaya, Morocco will go active in the foreseeable future, and we know oil is there ….. Shell found it about 20 years ago (but at a time when oil was $10 per barrel, so it was not economic for them to develop) … in my opinion the only question is …. does the SLE extraction method work? And given the expertise of SLE personnel I think it is just a question of time before we can read an RNS giving us very good news.

  3. Paul says:

    Morning! What’s your opinion on RXP this morning? Id be interested on your thoughts

  4. Kev says:

    So what your view on RXP after today’s RNS?

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s a set-back as is any drill that fails to produce oil in productive quanties.
      There are highs as well as lows during exploration. Investing based upon clear understanding of exploration is the key if one accepts that then it’s just a minor set-back. The overall company strategy will produce results. Give it time.
      If you’re not happy to accept that there will always be set backs as well as leaps forward then divest if you judge the risk too great to carry.


  5. OILBUG says:


    I posted recently on shares to go to 1000% section

    pvr providence resources has better acerage then sle regarding ireland offshore. More importantly most is derisked rather than pure exploration. ie spanish point, burren in 2012

    Importantly the celtic sea area is oil apprasial like xcite. 7 propects Barryroe, etc Baltimore farmed in by npe etc both to drill end of 2011.

    big additional exploration plays same as sle re gas and oil.

    so hope you can review it – downsides debt not as bad as mxp, limited shares, going nowhere for first three months, end of the year looks exciting.

    so why do i not invest simple cannot buy enough but you could with £100,oook.

  6. Dust Ferret says:

    SLE tanking at the moment, they need funding for 8 of their drills so placing coming, and their big plays have a COS of less than 20% mmm sounds like DES mark 2 .
    Strong sell.

  7. Dust Ferret says:

    SLE tanking at the moment

  8. Chupa says:

    Too true its all your decision but as I originally posted

    Nice copy and paste from the company website.

    Do you offer anything we don’t already know?

    • Brokerman says:

      Exactly what is it that you think you know?

      • Holeinthepocket says:

        Chupa , I’m sure you are all aware translates to ” suck” in spanish , so well picked name ! Anyway Dan let’s talk DPL surely they are a contender for your mil ? All the best

      • Holeinthepocket says:

        Chupa where I am from translates to suck , so I’m sure everyone will agree you have chosen an appropriate name ! Well done ! Dan how about DPL for your challenge ? All the best