The XCITE JACKPOT! 500p/600p!!

The Jackpot

You've hit the JACKPOT!

Just a quick note here for the Xcite Brigade!

There’s NO point in the Blog constantly writing posts re’ XEL.

I can understand investors who are feeling as though they are in a News-Limbo. What I would say to the Blogosphere is this:

Why are investors fretting over a stock that has just completed a massive oil discovery? It has now flowed at commercial rates and is being FAST-TRACKED for production?

The recent extension of the Letter of intent to the 31/Jan/011 for the Rowan Norway N-Class Jack-up Rig seems to be causing some confusion.  It’s just idle minds working over-time, does any one out there really believe that a rig will NOT be signed on? Come come shake your heads! Get some back-bone and get back in-touch with REALITY!

Xcite energy will probably hit 500/600p before any production begins and you can take it as nailed on that the CPR will improve upon previous figures. The Bentley field will be reclassified “Proven Reserves”  and very likely the 2009  CPR will be substantially improved upon, so goes the feeling within the City of London; “reservoir properties to be above the upper end of modelled expectations.

They have settled roundabout 350p all AIM stock drift on lack of news that is a fact! There is more to come here this company have hit the JACKPOT! And so have its investors! News will come and the feeling from seasoned oil sector watchers is that the XEL story will only get better. There are still gains to be had here for holders.( Compare Nautical they settled at about 330p they are now 460/470p) You can’t put a spin on good news and the news here is very good!

Hold for 500p/600p it will be hit!



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No Responses

  1. ABZ says:

    Good Morning Dan,
    Thank you very much for updating about XEL. Since I bought the stock, It went to 400p but i didnt sell that. My target price is 500p and hope to achieve this very soon.
    Any update in Matra?
    Many thanks for your help.

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks dan looking for any insider track on roxi and Matra or do you still feel we are pre booooooom ??

  3. OILBUG says:

    Thanks Dan

    One question is the target £5.00/£6.00 on CPR RNS news re end of Feb early March

    because for the life of me i cannot understand why xel never reached £5.00 on better than expected flow tests at 100% interest.

    rumours say 250m to 300m recoverable oip being worked out for cpr. The 200m at oil barrel was just based on pre working out conservative figures. As he claimed at oil barrel “needing more time above expectations”.

  4. Sara says:

    Hi Dan – thanks for updating re XEL much appreciated, do you have any thoughts on EO? Are they still on the radar to be taken over, what do you see the target price to be?

  5. Ken Rose says:

    Hi Dan, thanks as ever.

    Any chance of a heads up on what’s going on at Oilex. Seems to lose value every day at the moment. You were quite enthusiastic at one point.


  6. LT says:

    Dan, i note you are quiet on MTA. It has taken a right battering in the last week. What is the reason in your opinion?

  7. biggzy says:

    Come on, lets have your updated view on Matra Please. Everyone wants to know whether its still a hold or is it gonna retrace back to the sill sub 2p levels.

  8. Spudded says:

    Hi Dan
    Very interested to hear your views on what’s going on over at PPA please.
    Seem to be a lot of pretty confused/nervous PIs out there [] not really getting the plot just now. Tonnes of variably informed speculation etc. – nothing concrete (sorry – bad pun!)
    Thank you and best regards

  9. James Mutt says:

    Hey Dan any truth in the rumours the Stavanger rig has been secured and production to start 6 months ahead of initial plans ?