Break On Through (To the Other Side)

Haike Break!

Well it’s certainly been a great few months for Haike chemical since the Blog of all Blogs high-lighted them and just to annoy those haters of the use of a certain saying i’ll reiterate it here; “As foretold” nothing like  rubbing some salt into an open wound!

They are now up a stonking 150% over the last 2 months. You’ll all recall that we posted on them when they were 29p or thereabouts. A shining example of investing for future growth and holding true to your gut feeling based on research! Haike are breaking through! Up 14% today as I type!

So what next for Haike? Well I can report that sentiment is still with the company and 100p looks like it will be breached. “When I hear you say?” Well just keep on holding and expect further good news. Haike are back in profit and expect to break even with a strong possibility that break even could be improved upon so says one of Dan’s confidants! 2011 Looks set to be a profitable one provided the company can sustain their expected performance.

The recent predatory whispers are sure to re-surface and remember the full year results will be out in May. Further good news could be released via broker upgrades well before this.

So Hold your stock!



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  1. phil b says:

    Well done Dan. You are on a roll! I am still heavily invested in Encore and cant understand why it is drifting downwards daily – any comments? Also i have some considerable play money in MATRA. What do you this about the lack of newsflow from A12?

    • Lepracauns says:

      I am heavily invested in EO. She is “catching” her breath… excuse the pun. Once the next drilling site is announced there will be a flurry of PIs pushing back up to 140p. Even better if we go directly to Catcher North, as is possible depending on weather windows.

      A lot of folks are sitting tight on their shares, so a relative lack of liquidity also, those pesky MM’s need to generate transactions somehow.

      Good opp for stake building at current price.

  2. Lt says:

    As a long termer in Matra i think A12 is progressing and A13 has not gone to plan as yet hence the delay in updating the Market. If A13 was uneconomical and plugged i would have thought Matra would have been obliged to update the Market. I therefore think that they are still working on A13 which i guess can only be seen as positive. The share price will drift until the next update or BMD updates his blog with something juicy!!!!

  3. Lt says:

    Dan, have you noticed that Matrix have revised/altered their broker note on Matra?? I have spotted so far that they now realise that the PL has indeed been issued.
    How embarrassing.

  4. Lepracauns says:

    Hola Snr Dan…. how come you have missed the San Leon (SLE) story unfolding? Come on Danny boy… Blackrock and Soros have now taken up over 30% of the company… get your minions on it!

    Que Viva La Revolucion!


  5. Paul McC says:

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to invest in both Matra and Encore from the uk but none of the brokers I have tried seem to offer it, any advice? Many thanks, Paul..

  6. Olivanders says:

    Haike plummeting this afternoon – any news?

    • Brokerman says:

      Huge drop!
      The RNS, as predicted, confirmed what the recent post foretold re’ May results small profit above break-even.
      Background noises re’ the recent TO whispers may have some thing to do with it.
      I’ll check GlobalData chum of mine for any news.

      Still they are approx 80% up on when the Blog first posted.