Haike Chemical. Terrible day for investors.

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The feelers are out!

Well it’s been a terrible day for investors of Haike chemical. The recent RNS (although confirming the Blog posting of 18th Jan’ 2011) has gone down like a lead balloon! I have a strong feeling that the rise of recent months, fuelled by TO rumours and back to profitability forecasts, hasn’t lived up to investors expectations. Looks and feels like there has been a huge swathe of profit taking today, as investors locked in profits. There may well be some back-ground noises re’ the recent TO whispers. I will of course put the feelers out to one or two chaps. The 150% gains are now down to approx’ 80%!

The Blogs forecast of 100p this year has certainly suffered a set-back. But rest assured they will (providing there are no skeletons in the Haike cupboard) move up once again this year! And remember no investor ever went bankrupt taking some profit!




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  1. Olivanders says:

    Thanks for the update Dan. Fair play for coming out and taking it on the chin. Hopefully they will recover soon, but I can’t help thinking that the meteoric rise wasn’t based on fact (like XEL and EO etc) and was destined for adjustment at some stage.

    I haven’t been invested here as I want to stick with what I know – Oil and Gas.


  2. Bollockstoya! says:

    Fair play! I got them @ 32P come back from work and the back-sides dropped out of them. You Dan are irresponsible why can’t you start giving out buy and sell advice if you’d of posted a buy recomendation then some of us woud of sold.
    Disaster Dan thats your new name.

    • Brokerman says:

      So let me get this right. You were sat on a 140% plus gain and you never took any profit? It’s my fault that your gain is now about 70%? Please keep taking the tablets!


      • romski says:

        Makes you wonder why you bother !

        and to the Xcite holder complaining about Dilution your and we are very lucky we have such a decent board,

        I was invested in CEY and they annoucned an 86m odd placing without any notice, then had no repsonse to my emails on what the breakdown was for the proceeds other than the usual BS “working capital” which is hard to believe as the company currently generates approx 150k oz of gold per year at average $1300 and is quote “unhedged and debt free” so no breakdown and we have no wind of exploeration prospects

        investing in XEL you really dont know how lucky you have it !!!

  3. Lepracauns says:

    Tis why I stick to the slimy black gold and mining stocks… All the rest are just toooo unpredictable and too much of an unknown area for me.

  4. Paulo says:

    What a load of old arse – they’re still way above November and that’s the game you play if you choose to hold such a volatile share.

    Congrats Dan on yet another stupendously inept piece of commentary

  5. Fred says:

    Hi Dan. As usual, when a stock goes in the opposite direction, some of the heard will look for a scapegoat. For the rest of us, we appreciate your comments and research and acknowledge that stocks move in the opposite direction for a multitude of reasons beyond the control of us mere mortals. Mr Bollocks is way out of order in my opinion and as you rightly question, why didn’t he take some profit? The answer is of course blind greed! I didn’t invest in Haike for the simple reason that it is outside of my comfort zone as per Olivanders. Now XEL and MTA is a different matter but I take full responsibility for any profit or loss that I make! Keep up the good work mate.

  6. Fred says:

    Just a little extra…..I popped out to get a cup of tea and to my horror when I got back to my desk, MTA had moved up 7.5%. It’s just not good enough Dan. The shock made me drop my tea all down my front. Why didn’t you warn me this was going to happen? It’s just not good enough! I’ve only one thing to say, “Keep up the good work.”

  7. bakawow says:

    some idiots are clearly going to get grumpy about this but its YOUR money and YOUR choice to invest not BMD’s so 70% up let alone at one stage 140% is an incredible return.

    good work dan

  8. phil says:

    This is the reason i never buy on a spike. If i have missed the boat then i just look for the next one that is headed in the same direction. It is ridiculous that people blame you for their stupidity. You always add, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH to your posts and i bet people just read your posts and press the buy button…their fault. As always i find your research and opinions and very helpful as a back up to mine. Whaqt do you think it going on with MATRA and how do you think XEL are going to fund the signing of the rig?


    • Brokerman says:

      MThanks Phil.
      Matra are playing it close to their chest and I am at the moment trying to source some information from Various contacts one being GlobalData, Can’t get anything from Matrix other than the usual company referal to their last note. Xel will not have any difficulty re any funding issues. Institutions would buy in at the drop of the hat knowing the discounted price variation usually given. The rig signing is a done deal in most sector watchers eyes. A formality.


      • phil says:

        Thanks for the reply Dan. my problem with Xel is that in signing signing the rig contract they basically need to sort out funding. They can not commit to the rig contract duration without being adequatley fnded. Yes, on estimated oip they are hugely undervalued but anyone funding the pre-development phase (new equity) is going to want considerable return on their investment so there could be a considerable dilution coming? Having said that i still hold loads and anticipate the market will look at funding favourably and offset the effect of dilution (like what happened with GKP last year). Looks like Encore is due to set sail again?

  9. Tamra says:

    Bless you for spending some time to explain the terminlogy to the novices!