Encore oil eyes on!

Mexican Hat Potential

News leaking

News is circulating re’ the Varadero well that oil sands may have been encountered as of yet they are unconfirmed raw-data. This is what is pushing the sp along with an unusual theory re’ Wintershall, Premier and Nautical all rumoured to be possibily about to throw their hat into the ring re’ Encore assets!

As of now the market is expecting news as the 20 day Varadero drill time frame fast approaches. Alerts have been set by the sector watchers.

Eyes on here.



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  1. ABZ says:

    Thanks Dan.
    I entered there after reading your blog. I see HUB is B listing this for his 2011 Tip.
    It is my absolute pleasure reading your blog and following you.
    Kind Regards,

  2. Brokerman says:

    How’s about that for timing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. James Faerlin says:

    Daniel I take my hat off to you.

    Well done fantastic. You got the news out about 15 mins before the RNS.
    Thank you

    Whose the Daddy???
    BrokermanDaniel! you are the man!

  4. Elena Saratov says:

    Congratulations. I don’t think those on the boards will give you any credit for getting it bang on Daniel 10 mins before the official news but I suspect they will rather just ignore it or stay well quiet.
    Excellent informative Blog keep it coming.


  5. Rosalimacat says:

    Wow” you are blessed . thank you .

  6. phil B says:

    Dan, Thanks again. been following your blog for about 4 months and went heavy in to XEL (Still in) – what are your thoughts re: current SP? and in big on EO. Made a packet and your confidence in these stocks has helped my decision making..many thanks
    Phil B

  7. Barnstonpickle says:

    Dan top man well done you posted it at 10.37am and 23 mins later they announced it

    Two numpties over on Interactive investor were rubbishing your post ZAMINDAR + DAVYWAVY1 3minutes later the news broke they must of been choking with embarARSEment.What a pair of fecking fools they have been totally shot down! Gone all quiet as Elena said they would. Hub the nobjockey is trying to collect votes by posting inane crap. But we all know who’s the man!
    Well done Daniel


  8. alex says:

    what a legend!! dantheman nails it again, wooop!!

  9. peaches says:

    This is great news Dan………..as ever I love reading your blog. As soon as encore are taken over and I make a load of dosh, I will be sending you a lovely cheque for help the heroes.

    • Citytrader says:

      Peaches, In all my years of of working in the financial sector I can only say well bloody done fella.
      I’ve been an avid follower of the blog for 6 months or so and I can genuinely say that Dan’s reasoning and posts are flawless. I obviously check out what he says and even when I fail to agree 9 times out of 10 he’s proven to be correct. I have made a small fortune with a big capital gains headache. Lovely. Nautical,Premier Encore, Matra,Gkp,Gcm,Xel,Haike if i’d only of invested 10k in each i’d be a multi- millionaire. Still 137k up after 6 months of following thee blog and advice. It’s been my best ever year 2010 roll on 2011 and the web site he’s an investing genius i can’t think of any website or brokerage that’s hit top dollar as much as this wordpress blog. Remarkable.

      I bet aloads from the City are on the email subscription list. LMAO. You should be charging a monthly subscription i’d gladly pay so would thousands of others!.

      tHANK YOU

      • 13thMonkey says:

        Citytrader, Dan,

        I agree with all of the sentiments expressed in Citytrader’s comment, except the idea about a monthly subscription! I imagine I’m not alone in reading this blog but only being in the position to invest smaller amounts of money. I’m comfortably in profit- over 50% of which is from companies that Dan has highlighted- but not so much that I could afford the kind of subscription that investment information usually commands.

        I think Dan is doing a great service to all investors, including those of use who’re just starting out in a small way, please keep it free if possible.

        Thank you!


  10. Evening Standard says:

    Hi there Daniel terrific call on Encore oil; we’ve tried to contact you several times.
    Could you please contact me at the email provided we’d like to have a chat with you with a view to a possible collaboration on a financial column.

    News Desk

    • RogueTrader says:

      I bought EO at 31p if you want to consider me for that column 😉

      Dan is most certainly the man

    • rbarton says:

      Dan. A difficult one ! it would be nice to have a column in the
      STANDARD! would it detract from the Blog? i ve mixed feelings!
      We dont want to blow your cover, the mysterious element of the
      Blog is very appealing! You will have to decide. Any news on
      the Blog stats data ! Rob

      • Brokerman says:

        Yesterday 11’546 hits . Averaging about 40 thousand a week December was down to 32 thousand for the Xmas week. stats always tail off over the weekend to about 3/4 thousand per sat/sunday.

    • Brokerman says:



      • ABZ says:

        This is really nice to see how you keeping youself so special by declining some of the best offers. I bet you 100s of people are out there who are desperate for this sort of position.
        Keep your blog going mate, one day you will rock!!!
        I love reading your blog so do others.
        Don’t listen to the people who speak behind you and chat $hi7, ignore them. They are just jealous of your success.
        For your info, I was in OEX after reading your blog and I am in a fair amount of profit there too.
        I wish you all the best and I will continue reading your blog update everyday. All I wish I knew you from before :(.
        Kind regards,

  11. Barnstonpickle says:

    Yes 13th Monkey is right keep this blog free Daniel.

    I think what Citytrader is saying Monkey is that some investors pay fortunes for good info from various stock tip sites I use one for £80 per month now and then but I know that Dan is an honest geezer. I think he’s thinking of a web site monthly fee for real time info’ reading between the lines from the polls hes been posting a ten or five pound small monthly fee would cover London stock exchange fees and licenses. I think/

    Any news Dan/