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  1. HAppy new year dan!!!

  2. Moby Dick says:

    Thank you Dan for your helpful information. I am a newby investor who followed your advice on 3 stocks and it’s up £100 over the last 3 weeks!

  3. Paul says:

    Happy New Year Dan.

    Have just started following your blog – fascinating and informative – keep up the great work.
    Good wishes for a prosperous 2011.

  4. rbarton says:

    Dan……HAPPY New Year!


  5. citibank says:

    Great year for your blog Daniel.
    Congrat’s from your Citi followers. there’s 7 of us.

    Good luck for 2011


  6. Simon says:

    Hi Dan,

    Firstly, thanks for all the tips last year. I did best on Encore Oil who still have much further to go no doubt. I look forward to their next update. Secondly, do you think another Encore is possible? I think I may have found something very similar.

    The company is Bowleven ‘BLVN’. They are drilling a well offshore Cameroon to test several play types. In the companies words, two ‘potentially transformational’ discoveries have been made in this well to date. Drilling continues towards TD for an even bigger target. The two discoveries are the lower and deep Omicron discoveries which have been drilled on the extreme edge of the structure (very, very similar situation to Encore oil’s Cladhan field). They recently raised £72mln in a 3-4hour book-build. The city snapped-up all the shares on offer at 327p (which was 1-2% off the market price). These new funds will be used to get a second rig to rapidly appraise these new discoveries at crestal locations. The resource figures range upto 500mmbbls+ for the two zones and then there are all the derisked analogue prospects to dream about (!). These tow discoveries are company makers in their own right.

    Now, you know I said drilling continues towards TD, this is to intercept two further possible targets, the cross-cut event and then the cretaceous zone in which they believe the largest possible target exists – the ‘Epsilon complex’. The Epsilon complex is thought to be a ‘Jubilee-type’ play offshore Cameroon which was always thought to be gas bearing (until recently). If the company discover oil or gas-condensate here, it will be another company maker for them as the resource ranges from P90 of 119mmbbls to P10 of 3.7bln bbls. Shares are currently worth circa 375p underpinned by a number of smaller oil-gas-condensate discoveries. These were made offshore a few years ago and in the process of moving from resources to reserves (160mmbbls gross) and being developed for production. I have seen unrisked valuations of circa 1800p+ if the Epsilon complex proves oil.

    They are on the road to riches as they have an important first mover advantage in Cameroon. They are partnered by Vitol, one of the largest energy tarding companies in the world. The big oil co’s thought the area was only gas bearing so left it for neighbours like Nigeria, EG and Angola. BLVN took three offshore licenses and one large onshore license. I really think BLVN’s team (former Cairn Energy management) have solved the riddle to the complex geology offshore Cameroon and the story has only just begun to unfold.

    Take a look at it, maybe something you want to poder over for the new year. btw, hope Christmas went well and have a great new year.

    Yours Faithfully

    S Williams

  7. stevie says:

    Happy new year danny boy…….on the “hola” front Cladhan watch this space, deal signed spud march, rig TP expect RNS on TSX via Sterling….could be a good 2 weeks for encore all going well eh

  8. Danny says:

    Happy New Year Daniel & everyone else, all the best Danny

  9. Richard says:

    HNY, Dan. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do what you do.

  10. Biggleswick says:

    Hey Dan, Happy New Year to you and to one and all!

    On the Matra front, there seems to be a bit of buzz going round the usual suspect net forums that the company MAY be up for acquiring a nearby oilfield? Any truth to this or just loose goss? Cheers mate,


  11. thanks for all your information really been a good help