MATRA…… Give it 12 Months!

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MATRA. The next big one?

You’ll all recall the Blog’s position on MTA. We have stuck with this company through thick and thin when others were prophesying doom and gloom we here kept the flag flying and stuck by what we know and believe to be true re’ Matra.  Matra is up a stunning 200% since the blog began to post on them we have seen the depressing lows and there has been many a wild shrieking and screaming from investors as the red mist descended. If you had held your stock you would now be sitting on a mult-bagger.

The potential here should not be under-estimated. Matra has the Production Licence, Matra are back on course, Matra have a decent Board and much more importantly MATRA HAVE THE OIL!

The current share-price is still way under-value. News on A13 is over-due. News on A12 is over-due. Any good news on either one or both will push this sp forward. The trick here is to hold for full production regardless. Once full production begins the Matra sp will climb significantly.

Remember there is more oil here. Take it as nailed on that the oip will substantially increase over the next 12 months.  I have set a 50p minimum 12/18 month target which could increase to 100p. When revenues begin to accrue with sustained oil production and an increased OIP company value shoots up. Give your investment 12 months.

Of course this is just an opinion and you should always research your investments.




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  1. ABZ says:

    Thanks for your backing again. Good to see your post. Now leaving the office for lunch.
    After reading this, feeling more reluxed and happy for my investment and looking forward to our prosporus 2011.
    Take care and Remember, I spend 90% of my online time on your site. So please update whenever and whatever update you have at anytime.

  2. 12 months seems reasonable though already in from 15 months ago. We forget that A12 flowed close to 1000 bopd before the flow had to be stopped due to water. A13 was suppose to target a more central position, however, it did not get there. It still flows at a much lower rate. The beauty to A13 was that much more data was obtained which pointed to solving A12 water ingress. Once the water is isolated you’ve got to be looking at getting close to 1000bopd . That’s just working from past rns releases on flows.

    Then you’ve got to keep in mind that the board has already indicated its intention to carry out further drills. This time the knowledge acquired from A12 & A13 in terms of terrian is going to come in handy in picking where next to drill.

    I doubt we would have to wait 12 months to be shown the golden nuggets.

  3. sonny says:

    I remembaytheposts on herewhen mta were 1.45p nowlook at em yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    memadebig bucks.
    Thanks dan

  4. 13thMonkey says:

    Hello Dan,

    Well, MTA is off to a great start. Very excited to see where it may end up! Thanks for another “steady as she goes” post- I find them very valuable for steadying the nerves and helping me to make more rational investment decisions.

    If you happen to be a very big person, then you’re worth your weigh in gold.

    Thank you as always, and all the best for next year.


    P.S. I’ve noticed that there’s a Monkey over on FTA live- in case anyone wonders, I’m not him but another, unrelated simian with a much better taste in blogs.

  5. Brokerman says:

    Message for ZEOF.
    Thanks for the advice I never knew that.



  6. Chris says:

    Hi Dan

    I haven’t had the last few email alerts come through for news stories, is there anything wrong?

    Also do you have any views on HER?


  7. Naeem says:

    Hey Dan, Ive been reading your blog with considerable interest and am invested in MTA. I was just wondering if the 50p/100p SP targets were based on any calculations or are we tab bit optimistic?

    • ABZ says:

      To start with initially Penny Share’s value with optimism. Once they find and calculate the reserve then you can put that into a realistic price.

      As Dan said, MTA has got oil it’s about HOW MUCH?

      And the answer is a LOT!!!

  8. RJS says:

    Dan, perhaps one final tweet about the last chance to get into Matra before the bell today? Might be the last time people can get in under 4.5p! RNS very likely on Tuesday.

    • hairo786 says:

      hmm just wondering if its worth putting more in tomorrow then if thats the case…

      May i ask why you think rns will be on tuesday?

  9. kaysdad says:

    Dan mate, Why would the russians let Matra play if there was plenty??

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s called commerce and international trade. The Russians do actually receive revenue from ALL oil discoveries in their federation/country.


  10. kaysdad says:

    Dan keep it up, hope you have a great 2011………..
    one question mate, why would the ruskies let matra play if there was plenty here???