WIKILEAKS The smear campaign begins!

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency of the...

Murder & Torture incorporated.

Swedish authorities have made a fresh request to UK police to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange following sex crime allegations.

I suppose it was always on the cards that the authorities from the USA would instigate a smear campaign against Julian given the fact that an out right assassination is now out of the question due to the huge media profile that the WikiLeaks No1 now has. What an absolute crock of shit these allegations are! The man and his organisation has caused untold damage to the USA in the eyes of the world exposing their duplicitous nature and murderous campaigns backed up with kidnappings,torture and wholesale slaughter of Afghan and Iraqi civilians in illegal wars based on CIA and British secret service lies. We all know that these so-called western democracy’s lead the world in these two illegal wars purely for monetary gain “there’s oil in them thar hills”. Indeed Dick Cheney’s very own company Halliburton was awarded contracts worth over one hundred billion dollars. And just what did Halliburton do with the contracts? Well they sub-contracted them out for much less than they were awarded pocketing tens of billions with-out laying so much as a brick! Nice work if you can get it Dick!  In-fact the former Bush administration was riddled with big players having links to the arms industry. A trillion-dollar business! Bush himself is linked and financed by these industries.

War is big business whether you’re supplying Coca Cola or munitions the money to be had is astronomical and any one or any organisation that threatens to undermine the Global hegemony either gets assassinated, smeared or has an “accident” What next for Julian Assange? Well I don’t rate his chances. Dying in the next few years from some government inflicted disease or accidentally on purpose having an accident is almost certain. That’s if the Yanks don’t get their murderous hands on him and ghost him to one of their notorious Black prisons beyond the constitution!


Keep your head down Julian and get yourself a food taster!


Up the Revolution!



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  1. peter pan says:

    I use this site because if nothing else more often then not it causes a reaction. And anything that cause a reaction to a price is worth listening to because there is money to be made. But….

    Your not letting personal emotions get in the way of your trading blog site are you dan?

    • Brokerman says:

      Merely stating fact.


      • peter pan says:

        Facts that affect which stock? This is a small investor’s site is it not? I check this site daily and agree Assange is probably been set up. But I have no evidence what so ever to prove this. Do you? Sounds like personal opinion to me. It puts a question mark over all your other claims. I don’t want to disrespect you because I do use this site. Just questioning the content of the last post and any post not related to trading.

        • Brokerman says:

          It’s a blog. Of course it posts personal opinion ergo =blog blog =ergo and as such this blog can and will post on what it feels is interesting. Next post is on male egos.


        • democrat says:

          Do you invest in any stocks not in the UK … er… I don’t know, perhaps oil in Kazakhstan.

          It might interest you to do a search through wikileaks for Kazakhstan to see exactly how deals are made. There is some commentary on the granting of oil licences in that country e.g.

          If I were an investor then I would be interested in this information.

          If you have absolutely no social conscience and all you were interested in was how news affects your bottom line then may I suggest that wikileaks still has something of interest for you. It just gives you another tool in your due diligence arsenal.

          • peter pan says:

            Not sure I understand your question? Clarify? “If I were an investor”…. Seems to speak volumes.

          • democrat says:

            Apologies, perhaps I was being a little *too* subtle. Allow me to draw a picture in brightly coloured crayons.

            I do have an investment in an oil company in Kazakhstan. The fortunes of this company directly affect my financial position. Information that I glean from wikileaks is interesting to me in that it illustrates the difficulties the BOD of my company are facing. The information given by wikileaks is not the information that would normally be available to me. As a result of this information, this hanging out of dirty laundry; I might decide that, if that is as bad as it gets then my position holding shares in this company is tenable or, conversely, I might decide that the whole country is a freak show and I need to get out as soon as possible.

            Your original question was whether any discussion about wikileaks has any value for the PI. In simple terms the answer is, yes.

            Clear enough over there in never-never-land?

  2. k mk says:

    Europe has some ideas of humanism beyond corporate ‘towing the line’. I rate your piece on Julian Assange in that tradition. the only other American coming near him who survived is Gore Vidal. Julian can learn from Gore: play the patriot card.

  3. democrat says:

    The freedom of information act has benefitted democracy in Britain. Witness the parliamentary expenses scandal.

    The Americans have always had the tacit philosophy that if a country does not want democracy then democracy will be forced on them for the greater good.

    It is nice to see someone forcing freedom of information on the USA. Well done Julian!

    • Brokerman says:

      well said.


    • Andy says:

      Er the freedom of information act has it’s origins in the states. Their government has always been more transparent relative to ours. The stuff that has come out on wikileaks would not be released under the foia that is for sure.