XCITE ENERGY. The Lion Roars!

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The Bentley Lion roars!

Another rip- lion roaring success for the blog.

As foretold here Xcite energy are well on the way to 200p, having hit 195p on news of a 113ft oil column some 40 feet bigger than first thought and with the Board.  Good news <  An upside structure is present in the eastern half of the reservoir, significantly increasing the volume of oil in place.

(“Just how many times can the Blog keep getting it right?” I hear you say.)

What that should tell oil watchers  may become increasingly apparent as the commerciality of BENTLEY seems to me to be a foregone conclusion.

There success is almost certain.

Well done to all those who hold and are currently on track to another oil bonanza!



NB  Expect upgrades on Broker targets today.

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  1. Andrew Hayhurst says:

    (“Just how many times can the Blog keep getting it right?” I hear you say.)

    Just going to ignore Matra’s RNS today are you?
    Oh, and there, should be, their.

  2. Dave H says:

    You may have “Guessed” it right on this one but you certainly got it wrong on Matra, and you’ve gone fairly quiet on it too recently.

    Not all is lost though and more waiting required but hopefully good things still to come.

  3. OILBUG says:

    Many thanks Dan

    By the way on encore i think investors must hold for 6 months re catcher, its not 2 weeks per well more like 42 days each with sidetrack on each.

    Also did you see a post on motleyfool oil board the other day, very conservative figs around £2.25 because cladan might only get 250 ipo as stated in last encore rns.
    where as the city rumour is 1 billion ipo ???mmmm – whats you view Dan

    xel was quick high return profit on 100% interest , looking forward to the horizontal, testing, tanker and flow test.

  4. ChangFai says:

    I have to agree with Andrew, its fantastic news on Excite, and your are entitled blow your trumpet, but you have to be balanced and mention Matra today as well .


    • 13thMonkey says:

      Agreed. Just glad I got out of Matra a while back, making only a small profit, but not a loss at least.

      Excite is excellent though, and overall with the investments I’ve made prompted initially by this blog I’m well up, as I suspect most who read this blog will be, but I also feel it’s really important to show balance.

      Dan- your advice is often spot on and always interesting and of value- you have nothing to be ashamed of with the calls that don’t quite make it, so why not be comprehensive with your coverage of both successes and failures?

      • Brokerman says:

        How is Matra a failure? They have more oil than DESIRE AND STERLING ENERGY combined?
        E=P oil plays are always fraught with technical challenges that’s what makes investing in oil such an exciting and frustrating business.
        What price Matra on full production with increased bopd?


        • 13thMonkey says:

          I didn’t say that they were an out-an-out failure, just that I was glad to avoid the worry that current MTA holders are feeling.

          My main point was about coverage of ups AND downs on the blog.

          But- to reiterate- I think your blog posts are excellent- thank you very much for all your time and efforts. If it wasn’t for excite in particular my portfolio would be looking much diminished!

          • Dan's #1 fan says:

            Pipe down 13th Monkey.

            Dan is putting himself on the line for all the private investors out there and you are giving him grief- poor form.

  5. Pi1010 says:

    Johnson Services, – I know you have commented before on this and it’s not as exiting as the explorers, please could you do us an item on JSG or any of your other more mundane holdings ? Maybe on a quiet news day – if there is such a thing as a quiet news day on this blog.

  6. Apur says:

    Matra Petroleum RNS ??????????????????

    Down 15% ???????????????????????

    • Brokerman says:

      Matra’s RNS has gone down quite well here in the city.
      Give these people a chance they have got the oil. Tech’ difficulties have been encountered on A12 when production was begun the cementation process is athe logical way forward. If that then fails then they side-track the well. These problems are common to Russian oil plays and are logically dealt with via risk management systems.
      Give them a chance!
      The oil is already there and it has already flowed!


    • Biggleswick says:

      Yeah but not long ago RKH’s great RNS sent the comapny plummeting because it contained one teensy ‘possible’ negative. The market wildly overreacted.

      The market wasn’t so harsh with the MTA RNS, thankfully, and people could see fit to sit tight for awhile and wait on further news. I would love to see a fuller evaluation of this company though. I think they could have a real ace up their sleeve if they pull this off.

  7. peaches says:

    Can we have an update on encore please Dan? it seems to be dropping not rocketing as prophesised by yourself………

  8. Stringtheorist says:

    @Peaches…..Hang on a second. BrokermanDan might give good tips, but he doesn’t control the weather!!

    All I can say to you is Do Your Own Research rather than bring up silly criticisms of Dan’s “take it or leave it” advice.

    Encore is to Spud Varadero (Part of Catcher block 28/9 soon
    (probably this week, weather permitting)
    Its next 4 drills are
    Catcher North
    All in the same block, and all probably with a side-track if successful, Completely derisked due to Catcher find.

    Then they have Cladhan and Sterling resources are managing that, with further drills to be planned by them and plenty of Take-over speculation.

    If Encore haven’t at least doubled by xmas, I would be very surprised.

    • peaches says:

      I`m not criticising, I`m purely commenting. Of course every investor must do their own research, I`m well aware of that. I most certainly do not buy shares purely on Daniels advice. Encore will no doubt do really well at some point. The query I was raising was the fact that they have been ramped to heaven and back by Daniel (check previous blogs) and it doesn`t seemed to have materialised. Don`t be so protective…..

      • Brokerman says:

        Peaches Encore have not been “Ramped” on this blog!
        This blog pointed out Encore’s potential when they were trading at approx’ 50pence! They have since gone on to more than double in value at one point trebling in value to 150 odd pence. Encore have risen and will continue to rise due to the FACT that they have Cladhan,Catcher,Tudor rose and a host of other oil plays. Encores rise has nothing whatsoever to do with ANY post on here. Encore’s rise is down to the fact that they are cash rich,asset rich and have a very good management in place.
        You sound like a day-trader caught out by buying in on one of the many rises.
        The value in Encore is yet to be fully realised. I suggest you taylor your investments accordingly ie, CONSTANTLY expecting a stock to rise day after day just to suit your investment plays will lead you to making mistakes.
        Encore will double in value it will not double in value just because you want it too at a particular moment in time!

        Research the stock and reread the Blog posts.


  9. lee says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks for bringing this share to my attention, after doing my own reseach I risked to go all in on this and Encore and very glad I did. They were my choice as they sempt to be for me risk and fact wise. I choose not to go in on Matra because it was’nt for me. So in short DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH when someone gives you a Tip and its your risk and your reward nothing in life is a sure thing. Thanks again

  10. Barnstonpickle says:

    Well done Danny boy chalk up another succes for de Blog.
    Peaches give your head a shake its like the man says encore are rising because they are a fab company with fab prospects nto because dan wants them to.
    This guy has been proven to be bang on more times than any poster or other financial site on the frigging internet even matra are up by 20% when his blog first mentioned them if dan rates matra as a good bet then his track record indicates to me and the thousands of others that they are deffo worth researching.
    Danno theres only so much you can do with these types they expect you to turn water into wine when they dont even pay for your info If i was you mate i’d start charging these you must of made thousands of investors millions yet you do it totaly free of charge.


  11. Geoff says:

    I got my xel at 89p sold them today at 187p.
    I can not thank you enough.
    God Bless you
    top Blog top man.

  12. Mike says:

    Dan well done again.

    OT: New broker note out for Urals Energy. I know its one you have covered before but seems things may be about to move for the better there…


  13. bobbyshafto says:

    talking of trumpet blowing it was moi who mentioned XEL first on here at 71p – though doubt the facility to see this post is available. Go easy on Dan though as no trader gets everything correct. I think XEL will be north of 700p in the next 5 weeks, 3 weeks should see the final drill finished and 5 weeks should ascertain the flow rates. By then i’ll take profits and move more money into the next big mover ( CADOGAN – CAD ).

    • Ann Chance says:

      I have been an investor in CAD for sometime now Bobby. I believe this is a strong candidate for further investment

  14. Mike says:

    Why we are not trading at least 3-3.5 times higher at the moment I will never know… Look at our figure at the end of 0.57 compared to the rest on the list !!

    Exhibit 1: Urals’ valuation comparators

    Note: exchange rate £1=$1.59; share prices are at 20 October 2010.

    Source: Bloomberg, Edison Investment Research

    Symbol / Price/Share (p) / Market Capitalisation ($m) / 2P reserves boe mm / $/barrel

    Urals Energy / UEN/ 11.00 / 32.9 / 58.00 / .57
    Exillon Energy/ EXI / 255 / 560 / 137 / 4.09
    Petroneft / PTR / 51.0 / 283 / 70.0 / 4.04
    Volga Gas / VGAS / 96 / 124 / 68.0 / 1.82

  15. spidymonkey says:

    Hi Dan,

    I wanted to let you know I have created a handy NAV Calculator for GKP investors

    See: http://www.navcalculator.com

    I think it is a useful tool for any investor in GKP so feel free to post it on your blog if you like.

    It has been online since the 15th of October and has gotten a huge amount of hits in the last 2 weeks (over 12,000 non-unique hits)

    The tool is free and there is no advertising on the site so its a genuine effort on my part to help other PI’s

    Best Regards

  16. Paul Dixon says:

    having looked at the data on matras website it does look like there is a lot of oil down there but has it migrated like a famous oil company in Colombia shorted my evil knievel ( is that his name makes a fortune shorting shares and penny stocks??) i cant remember the name of the company lost a few thousand cany lad he phoned the well site. what with winter on the way these crews will be freezing there bollocks off

  17. Gazeebowrecker says:

    Thank you BMD for all your insightful and profitable posts coupled with the donation to H4H. If people are unhappy then ignore them and tell them to DYOR. Good luck for the future.