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Dan the thinking man!

Well there’s been some interesting debate doing the rounds in the city/media circus that now follow GKP.

The move from the AIM to the main market could in-fact be the precursor to a rapid rise in SP so goes the thinking with most brokerages. Once the company move is confirmed and actually happens then some here think that the sp, currently way under-value, will be forced up as a main market listing would certainly have an under-pinning effect on confidence. The back-ground noises and whispers are that the move is a fattening up of the company. Which will inevitably lead to its demise re GKP’s independence.

So where will this sp be after the move? Well it will not be where it is today. The feeling is that the 200p mark will certainly be surpassed once news from the company begins to flow particularly re’ their current operations. There are still a lot of imponderables yet to be quantified but in my opinion the main market move will precipitate an sp well in excess of 200p.  A 500p target over the next 12 months looks very likely given that GKP will not be here! Any company in another part of the world with the figures GKP have should be trading close to £10.

The market are now beginning to wake-up to the fact that oil ,even in a war ravaged country, is still oil!





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  1. alexis says:

    Think we have one big retrace before that happens mate, looking to buy in £1.40ish. We still have a month left before the fly up

  2. dan/what for encore now could i have your opinion regards rob

  3. pwoodroffe says:

    A very good but soggy afternoon to you Dan,
    I am always interested in your views and research and use it to assist with my investment decisions as with many others. I cant help thinking, in this instance though, that you are just stating the obvious re move to main market and the effect that this will have on the SP. I am sure that the world, his wife and dog will already have this in mind.
    I trust you take this in the well meaning way it is intended, keep on posting !

  4. TJI says:

    Nice One Dan !!!!!

  5. Richard Thom says:

    Hi Dan. Being new to this kind of thing can you say how long a move to the main market is likely to take?
    Also what are your views on Leni Gas and Oil at the moment?

    • Brokerman says:

      Richard at present I am engaged in a full technical evaluation of GKP and one other oil company. It will take me the better part of this week to assess one company and at best 5/9 days to crack both evaluations.

      I’ll get back to the Blog comments in due course.

      Thanks for posting.


  6. simon says:

    As a businessman Daniel I think you should get your site on the go and charge $1000 per year subscription.
    This way you’ll make a few bucks and rid the site of the crack-pots that stalk this site. Fantastic site Bro’
    I’d gladly pay a thousand bucks a year for the type of information that you have been writing on here for free. I’ve made over $56,000 on xcite,Leni and nautical. If you’re ever in New York use this email and i’ll buy you lunch.

    Simon Staten Island NY

  7. Biggleswick says:

    Tbh, if GKP have the vast potential they appear to have with recoverable oil then shouldn’t we be looking at figures around the Dana scale of £20+? Especially potential takeover value.

    £5.00 in a year seems a little conservative imo.

  8. Alex says:

    What did you mean by:

    “will not be here”…..

    Where will it be? are you refering to a buyout or change in market?

    Cheers for all the help Dan! your amazing.
    Straight out of University, sarted investing 4 months ago, and grown my £750 to £2500 with your tips, and a little help from CAZA.

    Ill hope for the same profit %’s in the next 12 months and pay off my student loan…..or buy a yacht!

    Whats your thoughts on ARG for the begining of 2011? Do you think the link with RKH re.3D mapping, will be secure some growth?

    • Alex says:

      Also, re Argos again.
      Since I posted my comment they have gone up 15%. Can you think of a reason for this, as to my eyes it looks like they will be having a very quiet period until 2011.

  9. Dave says:

    Dan what do you think to the LGO RNS and subsequent reaction?

  10. Olivanders says:

    Hi Dan,

    Many thanks for your help with everything shares based – it is very much appreciated. The cumulative profits you have helped to create must now rank in the millions of pounds.

    If GKP are to move from one market to another, how does this effect share holders? Are there any charges of fees? Will GKP use this as an opportunity to also split the shares?