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  1. Danny says:

    Dan, how many pilgrims will get caught out next month on national wind-up day ?

    Regards Danny

  2. Paul says:

    Hey Dan,
    Happy fools day. Do you have any updates due on OEX apart from the departure of Co. Secretary? Did lots fo research when you featured it but appears particularly unloved since I got in at 30p+. Would welcome any info you may have.
    Peace and Respect
    P 😉

  3. steed says:

    I can’t believe anyone fell for it.

    As if they’d notify visitors through a post on the blog!

  4. mopus says:

    Dan – you forgot to name and shame “The Bwana”. You should read his silly post on iii.

    My favourite April Fool was Telegraph’s Street Party for Milliband-bring a rifle with the trifle – viva !