BIOME 1 for the Day-traders!

Yes as promised take a good luck at this company. Potential here for a spike.

Biome are a Bio-plastics company that used to trade under the name of Stanelco. A few years ago they were trading at over 28p. They supply a range of bioplastics that replace existing oil based materials in a wide variety of applications. Naturally sourced, their plastic polymers have a high sustainable content and can recycle back to nature. They are also involved with development and design of new bio-degradable products such as packaging etc. They operate two divisions: Bioplastics and Stanelco RF Technologies.  Both divisions are underpinned by literally years of research that has yet to pay off the company have spent millions upon millions in research and development. The strategy is to develop and broaden its bioplastics business organically through the exploitation of higher value areas where the properties of bioplastic materials are most suitable and valued. The Group are engaged with a variety of large-scale international customers and partners on a number of key commercial and development partnerships.  These target applications in food, horticulture and electronics markets, amongst others, are to exploit the Group’s existing and new products.

Now here’s the crux of the matter. The ever ongoing debate regarding biodegradable plastics looks set to break out in the media with the Daily Mail currently campaigning for a Ban the plastic bag commitment (given by the coalition pre election) promise to be adhered to and brought into law. Sources from the Mail confirm that they are deadly serious about their campaign and will push their political friends in the coalition for a policy shift!  Usually what this means for company’s such as Biome/Stanelco is a huge spike in their value. It happened a few years ago when they were trading as Stanelco. They jumped about 700%. I’ve met their CEO, Paul Mines, several times, he’s a decent chap. Keep your eyes on them as at the moment Biome are glad-handing around the City trying to get their message out. A GREAT SPECULATIVE PUNT!



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  1. Katy Blue says:

    Thank you.

  2. provestor says:

    Will take a look!

    On another note, What do you think of Ine at the moment. Its trading very low and could be a mutibagger imho, but then again i never expected it to grab such little attention.

    Any of your thoughts would be great, even just a few lines in response to this?