Xcite Energy. Wake Up!

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WAKE UP CALL. The oil is already there!

I can’t believe some investors who are rushing off to plough huge lumps of money into drills as far away as the Falklands. I’m not castigating them its their investment but they are investing in the likes of Desire etc when Desire have just hit a duster! While infrastructure in the Falklands is minimal to say the least.  Here we have XCITE ENERGY who have already found the oil (Hundreds of millions of barrels) in the UKCS with full infrastructure and are drilling it! They have a full tie up with BRITISH PETROLEUM! And the Bentley Alliance. It is a fore-gone conclusion that barring a tsunami XCITE’S  SP will rise dramatically the further in we get on the drill. Wake up and smell the oil! It is ALREADY THERE! This stock will hit 200p before very long! Shake the cob-webs out and fully research this stock!


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  1. Stevie says:

    Yeh but DES have already encountered HC’s at 500mtrs matey ;))

  2. james says:

    Whos this BRITISH PETROLEUM you speak of?

  3. Biggleswick says:

    On the sidetrack, Stevie?

  4. OILBUG says:

    Agree Dan

    100% topped in xel now post cov just made it in time ………………………….

    As for the Falklands why bother when you can invest in RKH Feb when apprasial of sea lion ?

    However this might clash with encore cladlan just no sound reason at the moment to invest in the Falklands with the new shares issues coming forward causing shares to go down.

    Desire stand no chance read the cpr 6% cos on near term prospects

    However i am not anti the falklands , just you have to look at it through the eyes at the same stage as the north sea in the late 60s some went bust some hit oil as RKH has done.

    I for one personally like borders & southern in a fold belt and have met mr obee at the agm but at the end of the day that is a year away from drilling. At least the city does like them, no discount on thier $200m fund rasing attempt.

    • Biggleswick says:

      I like BOR too. Have some in a SIPP, definitely longterm play but interesting, as is FOGL still.

      Some serious decisions to be had. North Sea vs Falklands. Both are within British territory so it factors down to where you think has the most potential. My heart says both and my head says North Sea given that such huge volumes of oil are proven. Sea Lion is a really interesting enigma and it could throw up major upside but it could still be a standalone in an otherwise empty basin, which is worrying. That’s what bothers me most. However, the FI campaign is very young and it would be lunacy to write it off. Every campaign has failures and the FI sounds like a complex learning curve due to the nature of the basin/source rock/s. My money is in RKH and XEL, the two companies I see in both places that have a.) a guaranteed safety net (oil is there) b.) a potentially great return for those who are patient. DES, well I just hope they come good.

    • Biggleswick says:

      Oilbug, don’t forget that if DES come good with Rachel then RKH benefit via their 7.5%. Small, but would put circa 65-70p back on the value of the Rocky shares. 🙂

      • OILBUG says:

        Well its going to be difficult to decide whether to leave encore post xel in Feb before Cladan or reinvest with the use of compoundment in RKH for sea lion appraisal wells, which could add 100% to 200% on a yet unproved 100% interest field of maybe 500m recoverable but if the fans fail thats the question.

        or stay will encore cladan could be 1 billion IPO and takeover

        very difficult choice Biggleswick !

        I presume you would opt for RKH in that situation ?

        • Biggleswick says:

          Well what bit I have in XEL, Oilbug, is in my ISA, which I aim to just leave alone until next year when the XEL production fireworks hopefully kick off.

          RKH is not ISA-ed of course, but I’ve held them since around 55p and intend to just sit on ’em and see where they go. I think the potential for both XEL and RKH is similar as both are aiming for production. I cannot help feeling that with BP hovering XEL may be bought out (just a gut feel) but for a very good price. In a sense I am glad I have some money in both because whatever happens it will be an interesting ride. The other parallel is of course the Bentley field may be the only thing XEL ever do as a company, and similarly RKH may only ever have luck with Sea Lion as a standalone. Either could be bought out by the likes of BP, but somehow I think RKH will fight to become a bona fide producer in the FIs. I await the Johnson drill and north NFB seismics.

          If you did sell your EO. you could always go 50/50 in RKH and XEL? Though we may be chasing the RKH SP once more on gossip and rumour. It’s quite volatile. At least XEL is still relatively cheap.

  5. Stevie says:

    Biggles……yup, I pulled out 25 investors last wed who all rebought fri morn bout as much as one can say

    • Biggleswick says:

      I just want to see the thing come good for the UK and FIs. It would be so great if they could get a hit this time. Means a lot more than just oil.

      Cheers mate.

  6. Aj says:

    James its BP!

  7. LT says:

    Hows about an updated blog from you tomorrow on Matra. The SP sure needs another boost.

    • Biggleswick says:

      I second this. Sorry I’m plaguing your blog tonight.

      Any news on MTA more than welcome. Fascinating oilfield they have.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well at the mo’ LT I am awaiting news.But I am very confident.
      All will be revealed soon enough.