NTOG. Going for the Jugular.

Court action by NTOG re’ several posters over on the iii/ADVFN boards is highly unlikely so goes the feeling here in the UK. Rather a sledge-hammer to crack a nut. Solicitors acting for NTOG will more than likely seek personal assurances from the offending posters coupled with an  apology.

Shame on the service providers iii/advfn for buckling under the threat of legal action. What ever happened to freedom of speech?

NTOG pre-Lofgran have a miserable track record; share-holder value is non-existent. Another company in a long line of mis-fits in the E+P sector that promised so much and delivered absolutely nothing. The only people who have actually made a profit are the directors. A sham of a business model that will almost certainly end in tears for investors. It shows how desperate some companies are when they are going after posters on bulletin boards!. The new man at NTOG needs to get his priotities right. Bring home some bacon and prove you’re up to the job of turning this miserable out-fit around!

Matt Lofgran you were given the opportunity to post an article on this blog giving your hopes for the future for NTOG. You declined stating market sensitivity, a cop out if ever there was one. The offer still stands.


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  1. nathan says:

    Thanks Dan, it did sound a bit too good to be true!

  2. Mack the Knife says:

    Dan, what do you know of NTOGs operator Hewitt Energy Group aka Hewitt Petroleum?

    I see they’ve recently hired Charles Muchmore as their Chief Financial Officer – http://hewittpetroleum.com/board.html

    Nice surname especially considering his track record. Formerly known as Robert Muchmore but know goes by his middle name. What are your thoughts on this appointment? Why would they want someone with his track record in control of their finances and accounting? Its very much a case of DYOR

    PS. Charles MUCHMORE is a cracking name and in my favourites list along with Damien CONBOY of Alecto (deemed an unfit and improper person in 1999 and barred for 2 years) Jake LOOTS (Finance Director at Pan African) and perhaps my all-time favourite, Dick Stabbin’ (ex-Sterling Energy Chairman and trustee of London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard)

    • Brokerman says:

      I base my opinion on the companies fundamentals ie,profit and loss coupled with their stock market performance. Ntog like many other companies have failed to deliver the goods hence why their sp value is a third of a penny!
      Poor management always leads to a poor sp. To go after posters on the internet is nothing short of an absolute disgrace they’d be better off using the money wasted on litigation to fund a free booze up for disgruntled share-holders, much to their shame they are trying to gloss over their poor management by blaming chat forums! If they had invested in proper licenses then the chances are that they would of hit some decent oip figures but to drill abandoned wells (hoping to suck up what was left by a previous oiler) while enlarging their share capital isnt in my opinion good business. They have been poorly managed in the past they need to step up to the mark!


  3. miopus says:

    Dan – you know as much about this company as you did when you made your ill fated remarks on TRP.

    You know exactly why Matt Lofgran would never demean himself by posting on this blog. Particularly in view of the adverse comments on it.

  4. brendan says:

    Hi Dan, you should be commended for voicing such an honest opinion on this firm

  5. robert says:

    robert / good to read your updates and views dan. ihave every faith in your alerts and knowledge please keep me updated . i trust you even if others do not/

  6. steve says:

    I assume you are aware that ML has only been at the helm for less that 18 months. His promise has been to turn the company around.
    I don’t hold any shares in NTOG but kind of did kick myself when the SP went from .36 to 3p.
    Its fair to say that some of the bashers have been having a sustained attack from multiple chat sites.
    The company does have a portfolio, I think they are priced to reflect where the company is, shame there is a lot of holders who bought in around the heights.

    I see your post as educated vitriol.

    I would like to see the company start to make some inroads after the last 6 months

    • Brokerman says:

      Steve it’s not educated vitriol it is common sense. Check my posts on Vernalis, Pyc,Pxs,Sey etc.
      I am in a unique position to give insight in to some companies. All of the above i have warned investors on. All of the above HAVE FAILED SHARE-HOLDERS on a consistent basis. Their sp has plummeted along with their credibility.
      Some have been targeted by Bashers and rampers which i posted upon quite some time ago(read the post). But never the less their performance has been very poor. I would love nothing more to be proved wrong over the coming months.
      They all need to get back to running their business with proper business models in place.


  7. ure gudraspalla says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your Encore analysis,can I ask what analysis and what opinion you have of Excite Energy?

  8. bonzo says:

    xcite energy, yes agree a beauty in the making.