XCITE are Flying up!

Just a quick one here as foretold on the Blog Xcite energy are on the March!

Rumours of TD ,oil shows etc are fuelling the rise.

Now remember they aren’t trying to find the oil it’s already there.

So some where along the line the sp will spark in to life as leaks filter out on the drill.

Apologies for this quick post can’t be more in-depth as I am extremely busy arranging cover for my web design meeting this afternoon (lunch time) in-case it runs over my lunch hour.



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  1. Doug says:

    This seems like a massive rise to me just for reaching target depth… I think there is alot of MM activity going on. My guess would be that price will settle at about 122p today. Good oportunity for day traders no doubt! – mind you one hell of a spread.

    Good luck all.


  2. Biggleswick says:

    O/T: I love looking at the Global Traders menu at right. I bet 95% in all these other countries are Brits abroad, lol.