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Leni Rocket Science?


Many emails requesting response/information on Leni.

Take a look at Leni’s full asset portfolio and research the company in full. The 1 BILLION BOE is not a typo, an invention of the Blog or any other mis-calculation. It is a FACT.

It isn’t Rocket science it is common sense. It may take years for Leni to hit the dizzy heights.That’s the beauty of investing long-term.

Investors who are currently in petulant form are the same type who rubbished Chariot,Gkp,Encore,Rockhopper,Nautical,Caza,Premier,Xcite the list is endless. Some investors like some Analysts just can not accept that Leni Gas and Oil are indeed sat on a potential Company transforming asset of approx’ 1 BILLION BOE!

The current share price is what is known as a “statistical anomaly” a company that is under-value trading on its potential asset base as were ALL of the above companies who ALL went through Private Investor scrutiny, eventually emerging at stock prices many times greater than when private investors began to high-light them.

Leni Gas and Oil are a typical case in point. How many investors and analysts are now bemoaning the day that they sold their Gkp,Encore,Nautical, Char etc stock when the price was in pence rather than pounds? This type of mind-set is exactly what creates a market statistical anomaly.

Leni Gas and Oil will almost certainly hit 4/5p but 4/5p doesn’t factor in a BILLION barrel potential discovery. I can not express it any clearer than I already have. Leni should be trading at 10p on expectation ALONE!

There are quite literally huge gains here waiting for the more astute investor. It may take several years but that’s investing. Trading is completely different.

There are massive potential gains here over the long-term. Watch-list them and research them!



Gone to lunch.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Nice dan noticed these a while back , but went for the obvious eo and Npe . Finger nails down to the knuckles waiting for mta at the mo joy ! 🙂

  2. bobbyshafto says:

    DAN, It’s thinly traded (upto now) but keep your eyes peeled on Ukraine oil and gas producer CADOGAN PETROLEUL (lse:CAD), exciting things are happening as we speak. All sorts of chatter about a potential ‘major’ getting involved which would tie in with their interim rns. Fundamentally immensely strong with a cash pile worth close to twice market cap and no debt. CAD are profitable, ISAble and hugely overlooked. Get them on your radar.

  3. Cadfael says:

    Where ya been?
    Been in these for the last 10 days, now 53% up!

    • Scottydog says:

      Maybe dans been working brother cadfael.
      Dan youre a enigma wrapped up in a riddle. Who are you + why are you helping us pi’s to make lovely lolly?
      Cant really believe that this lgo never came to my attention ive got most of the a.i.m covered. Read afews bits = pieces an never or didnt see the 1 bill potential.
      Great day up 40%
      Terrific blog by the way.


  4. 360 says:

    Nice rise today – wonder if it can hold it tomorrow on no news?

  5. 13thMonkey says:

    Heh, might not be rocket science, but certainly behaving like one at the moment. Be interesting to see if it makes orbit or comes back down to Earth…

    Thanks once again Dan, very interesting as always!


    @Joseph- feeling your MTA nerves- know exactly what you mean…