Matra Update. News from the Urals.

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Looking good.

I can now report that Matra Petroleums’ current operation is well underway and proceeding as of 1pm today with NO problems. This is why the sp is on a charge. There are currently NO operational problems on the site. The packer is rumoured to be below the leak and pressure testing is thought to be on-going. This is to ascertain what the problem is and where it is located in the casing. Apparently according to our Schlumberger contact if the packer goes below the leak the company can isolate and  pump the oil through the tubing. There are several remedies available to Matra depending on what they extrapolate from the data. This is a bread & butter operation in this region which is literally littered with workover rigs through-out the area it is a common problem. Looks like we could have some news  within the next week or two, depending on what the company actually find.


El Daniel

PS.I will be interviewing the CEO of NTOG IN DUBLIN THIS WEEK. Watch out for the explosive interview which will be posted on here!

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  1. James Allen says:

    What ever happen to you million pound gamble?

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Dan,
    Any news on san leon?

  3. Paul Knight says:

    Can you please look at XEL and tell us what is going on in the city. Why is it sliding so badly? Smacks of manipulation. Its my main investment for my future and I am totally bemused by the price considering the fundamentals of the company.

  4. George Day says:

    Paul Knight, XEL is dropping because institutional and private investors are selling shares like XEL. They are de-risking. They are worried. Greece is posing serious problems for the Eurozone with risk of contagion. China is showing signs of a slowdown and the USA isn’t growing as fast as hoped for. They are the main drivers of World growth so no wonder investors are selling oil
    exploration shares. They are selling riskier equities like XEL and looking for more defensive investments as BMD has mentioned in
    his blog on AEX today.

  5. miopus says:

    Well done Daniel.

  6. Dennis says:

    news rrl