JSG Update. RNS

As posted here on the 11 Dec 2009 post. JSG news today. Debt now below 70 million to 69 million this is a huge reduction from the previous 240 million pound plus! Profits are continuing to increase at JSG and with the new finance facility greatly redudced this stock is a certain riser over the coming months. Take note of the below excerpt;

“Warrant instruments were issued in April 2008 to the Lenders under the previous bank facilities over 2,957,636 Ordinary shares at an exercise price of 10p and with an expiry date of 31 December 2010. As part of the refinancing, the expiry date of the existing Warrants held by the continuing banks over 2,091,728 Ordinary shares is to be extended to 30 April 2013. All other terms of the Warrants remain unchanged.”

This is a vote of confidence from the warrant holders who have kept over 2 thirds of their warrants on an extension. A good pointer for the future as to an expected increase in value.

My understanding is that JSG are now on a cash roll with debt expected to further redudce over the coming H1 2010.

A greatly expected increase in cash through out 2010 will see this sp RISE .

Good stock for a 12 month punt with a 50% plus profit margin well within reach.



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  1. Minniedriver says:

    Dan i bought these when you used to post n london south east i got them at 17p. am showing a healthy profitt of 2k. when do u think theyll reach 30pence?

    should i top splice or keep holdin?
    your advice please.