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The recent slow recovery of Matras’ share price may be an indication that news is due out here on Matras’ A12/13 wells. Or it could very well be the start of a climb back to where they once were. The much awaited update is well overdue.

Please read my recent post.

Remember they have already hit the oil. The problems are technical. That is to say once they overcome them and bring A12 etc back into production then this sp will certainly rise.

News is thought to be leaking here and i am of the opinion that Matra will only release news when they have sorted their problems out.

A multi bagger is possible here on a healthy RNS.

please research and watchlist here.


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  1. Davey says:

    By far and away one of the most informative and genuine financial bloggers doing the rounds on the internet.

    A thousand thanks.
    Keep up the super work. You must of made some people fortunes.
    I’ll have a look at Matra myself was going to buy in last week, now kicking myself.


  2. antonio says:

    nice one dan you are so right again been in since before they found oil so steady she goes.yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. robert says:

    robert/thanks again dan the top man/;

  4. Frank Knowles says:

    Thanks Daniel, your posts are appreciated.

  5. Concernedinvestor says:

    Jesus h christ Dan.
    You need to be careful mate. I bought Encore at 53 sold at 78.25 got nautical at 124p sold at 167p. holding here at 1.54p Jsg bought at 17p still holding flogged my gkp at 121got them at 71p. I would never of looked at them if it werent for the pointers here on your blog. i checked them out properly and took the plunge.
    Listen mate i have made over 17k basically down to stumbling on this top Blog.
    Becarefull as i reckon others up the chain of authority may well be watching your posts. I got the tip about your blog from a pal who is an accountant in the city.
    Success breeds jealousy.

    Stay safe and mucho thanks.
    Concerned individual.

    • anti-ramper says:

      Here we go again…

      Another jealous poster.

      Absolutely nothing incorrect happening here.

      Move along.

  6. mr jim v says:

    Good comment Dan , I think you are about right , very informative artical.

  7. bw says:

    Thanking you for giving me continued hope, on this share I lost 75% on in a day!