Matra Petroleum. Production Alert!

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The whispers circulating here are that A12 could be back on production by the end of the weekend or may very well have started. Remember that in my opinion Matra are a speculative buy, when production restarts they will rise significantly

Bearing in mind that Matras’ schedule stated the end of August i would suggest that news is imminent.

Please remember that this is a penny share and is subject to the vagaries of wild fluctuations by day-traders.

A day traders Alert for this stock was triggered here at 11.20am. Vis-a-vis a 400,000 over the counter trade.

The heat is on here.

Eyes on for all the long-suffering Matra holders.

Good news 4/5p on a positive RNS.


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No Responses

  1. robert says:

    well done dan /

  2. Tippoo says:

    Great rise today. Hope we get positive rns on production.
    Then she’ll really fly.
    News is definately on the way can feel it in me bones.

  3. Steve Jones says:

    Whats a coin flip dan?