The rise your witnessing today is being driven by the 20,000 bopd  test flow which will be sold and shipped during production testing on shaikan coupled with rumours of takeover add in whispers of increased OIP on shaikan1 and you have your answers.

Remember all the oil from the test flows will be SOLD increasing GKP revenue.

The only way is up here.


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  1. Brampton says:

    Dan, thanks for the original heads up on GKP – having researched further, decided to take the plunge and now very happy I did.

    Keep up the good work – I, for one, am very appreciative 🙂

  2. spidymonkey says:

    Not to mention Iraq Government formation is almost done!

  3. masterx says:

    Well done Daniel….

    I remember while ago at 67 u said to put your mortgage on it. Wish I had taken your advice.

    Anyway predictions for next week? Is it still a bargain or is it on its way down?


  4. masterx says:

    20000 bopd is that about 1.5 million dollers?

    • Brokerman says:

      1.6 million $ revenue per day.

      • Brokerman says:

        Apologies Rascal your ip is blocked and any comments you make go straight into the trash file where they are deleted after 24 hours. Managed to read this one before it got wiped.

        Rascal your missing the point. I was stating the value on the open market of 20,000 bopd in reply to Masterxs’ comment. Which comes to roughly 1.6 million dollars of revenue at $80 a barrel. $40 a barrel is $800,000 in revenue GKP’s take is rumoured to be between 2/3 dollars a barrel giving them $90,000 a day, a substantial sum
        Apologies for the confusion, rather got carried away.


        PS Your IP is blocked due to the fact that it is one of several IP’s responsible for a torrent of disgraceful abuse several months back. If you want to take part in the comments section/blog i will go into the system and unblock it however any abuse will result in the block being reinstated.


  5. Barnstonpickle says:

    Well i must say dan i am throughly enjoying the blog. Great calls once again on GKP,eNCORE AND SO ON AND SO FORTH. i GOT MY lLOYDS DUE TO YOUR POSTING ON THEM ABOUT HOW GREAT THEY WERE GOING TO BE PAID 56P SOLD THEM TODAY AT 76. mANY THANKS.
    Top Blog RUN BY A tOP mAN………. And as your man says in one of the comments today, some time ago you said “put your mortage on gkp” they were 67p then. well done


  6. dj says:

    It is nice to see a good rise. I was out all day and have only just come in and so the rise was news to me until just now! It is much more satisfying to walk in the door and see a good rise than to watch the SP all day !

  7. dj says:

    Dan I have some money in XEL Xcite – this is drifting down day by day. Do you regard it as a good hold for mid-September when they are meant to be drilling? or is there a chance the schedule will slip and by October weather will make it too late to drill and so the stock will go south? I think this would be an interesting thing to comment on on your blog.

    • Brokerman says:

      DJ you’ll have to make up your own mind. I can’t make any kind of comment on directly advising investors to plough their money into a stock.
      Please research any of your investments.
      Good luck mate,
      Appreciate your support visiting the blog.


  8. Richard says:

    Whats the chance of a RNS tomorrow Dan.