Matra Petroleum. Good News.


Good news for all you long suffering Matra holders (Opportunity here for short term traders.)

There are currently buy ratings on this stock. Signals coming through from Fox Davies “expect good news on their Russian wells 13/12”. Apparently the appraisal well 13 on the Sokolovskoe field is about to come back into production after encountering problems some months ago the noise from here is that it will come back on stream with an increase in bopd.

Production of Matras’ well 12 after a complete work over should see oil over 1000 bopd after well 13 comes on stream.

Once production starts up ( news is expected August ) then Matras’ SP will almost certainly rise .

Please do your own research. Remember Matra are notorious for cocking-up. Not one to be day-trading but certainly one for investment long-term.


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  1. Musy says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I’ve been following your post more than a month and you seems to be quite accurate on the prediction and news. Its unfortunate that I could not make any profit although due to my lack of patient and wrong entry point.

    Can you please shed some light on the KEA future as recently it touched 30p and its back to 15p.

    Is there any way I can set up an email alert whenever you post any thing on your website.

    Thanks in advance.