Encore Oil. Massive potential.

North Sea Sunset 3

North sea sunset

Encore oil. News is rumoured that Encore may be in/or have been in discussions with Premier re’ their Catcher holding with a distinct possibility that Premier will become the operator. If this scenario happens then the market expect Premier to be first in line for Encores’ 15%  the sun may set on Encores Catcher holding but they will be massively cash rich bearing in mind that Catcher could very well be the biggest discovery in the UK North sea for the last 10 years.

What investors need to recall is the Reuters article on the 15th June 2010<sic>  “(PMO.L), which has a 35 percent stake in the licence, said the well would have likely flowed at a rate in excess of 7,500 barrels per day if not for the mechanical issues.”  Premier are a proven big player and you can take it as nailed on that these figures are correct.

If as rumoured here  oip doubles after full appraisal then Encore could literally be sat on a huge cash pile which could, given Encores raison d’être, result in a windfall for stock-holders.

Cladhan news is on the way which will in-turn verify the extent of the discovery. They are not looking for the oil they have already discovered it;  in other words what the market is awaiting is the extent and commericiality of the Cladhan discovery. This is a very important point that I feel is currently lost in the daily cacophony of the brokerages. The market has taken its eyes off Encores’ full potential. They are undervalued at present given the news time-line. PI’s have a window of opportunity here.

After much analysis and deep thought i am convinced that if Cladhan goes well then 60p will be but a distant memory. Get your watchlists on your screens for the next installment of the Encore rise to riches! Remember when in profit cash-in! They have a residual value of 70/80p.

Good Luck


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  1. dj says:

    hi, Dan, I appreciate all your articles, and I hope you keep us up to date on GKP and EO. But your emails are dated an hour behind. I received it at 9:27pm, but your email said 8:27pm…???

  2. troy says:

    Brilliant read Dan.
    Thank you for all your efforts we appreciate it over on iii even though there’s halfwits mucking it up for us we the more serious types pay no attention to them.


  3. Barnstonpickle says:

    hey im really getting oil fever mate how high will it go ive got 15 k in them at 51p its been murder resisting the sell button this coud make my year dan!


  4. Vinay says:

    Hi Dan.
    Thanks for the great posts on EO. So if Premier were to take on Catcher. Would it be worthwhile getting in on PMO aswell?