Nostra Terra(ble). from BAD to WORSE!

Just how bad can it get here? The Blog faithful will recall the previous information on this  company. I hope you all stayed away from the blatant ramping of this present dog of a share over on Interactive and LSE.

Down another 17% as i type.

NTOG are a self perpetuating AIM junior oiler soley in existence to fund their own madcap exploration funded through placings and rights issues, IE, your hard earned cash is being spent on 2% of nothing grossing a whopping 3/4 barrels of oil!  They need to get a clear strategy in place and increase the BOPD! There’s more oil in my garage than there is coming out of NTOG.

Stay well away until the Board prove themselves with proper accountable company structures. There may come a time when they actually do begin to turn it around but until then stay away!

What next here? Maybe a drill in the Peninnes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. wezzy6 says:

    Good post. Hope the FSA does something about this. They could at least rob their own countrymen instead of us Brits! Bunch of crooks


    According to the CEOs CV he spent over 2 years at Landwin as Director of Acquisitions

    Investors at the time were worried that Landwin sounded like a ponzi scheme

    Earlier this year Landwin was sued for fraud.

    Lawsuit Filed Against the Landwin Group for Securities Violations, Fraud, Corruption and Mismanagement

    “Shareholders of Landwin Management LLC, formed to purchase and manage investment properties, have lost their entire investment due to improper actions undertaken by some of its officers and board members. Among those cited by the lawsuit are: improper financial compensation to themselves and use of company assets; false representation of business opportunities and potential profits; misconduct resulting in substantial damages to the investment entity; and enrichment through unlawful profits”


    So that’s the CEO (Landwin) the COO (Provident Royalties) and the operator Hewitt Energy Group (JV with convicted fraudster Mark Neuhaus) all with proven links to fraud.

    • miopus says:

      By the way Wes – your post on LDP advsing people to sell didn’t go unnoticed either. At the time of writing it is actually UP 13%.


  2. miopus says:


    (Your comment will surely attract all the slugs in Christendom and turkdom)

  3. miopus says:

    This is a repost of ADVFN’s “Amazon Woman”s post, put on the board in response to the one which is posted here by Wessy or Wesfromwales. WesfromWales, or wessy6 has already accused various members of the LSE discussion board as being a mafia, receiving money from the company simply by believing in it, and has already posted that he will be upset if the SP rises when he has already sold out. (somethign weird about throwing himself out of a window)

    He is certainly an investor who likes to blame everyone else for any misfortune which he believes he has suffered.

    “Don’t you just love them with their wisdom. The manipulation that goes on is staggering across the boards. While I understand talking a co up and believing in it I will never get the people who come on boards to trash a co to get in lower. IF I believe a co is overvalued I put it on watch and wait for a retrace, can’t be bothered discussing something I am not in. I find something that is going up in the meantime.

    What they don’t get is that they lose people money with their games and we have long memories. I actually like the prospects here and made my own mind up.

    I will not even call them de-rampers that is polite, they are simply trashing or trying to.

    I only post negatively if I believe a co is insolvent or corrupt and then only to help. I certainly would never buy a share in a co if I believed either of those factors applied regardless of how low it went.

    It is possible to make money trading in cos without trying to cause others loss in the process.

    There are certain people on these boards who do not know how to conduct themselves and will end up losing the respect of genuine traders/investors. I know who I trust and who I don’t after a decade. One they rarely make personal comments about others and two they do not try and manipulate the price for their own ends.

    Commenting on which way you believe a share is heading is very different to posting false information to manipulate the minds of others.

    Have a good weekend and try not to sell on dips or let others manipulate you. The filter button is there for a reason.

    I believe what goes around comes around and am doing very well overall so must be doing something right.


  4. BW says:

    Keep up the good work Dan. Your work is appreciated

  5. miopus says:

    Alden Branine McCall (59) has approximately 25 years’ experience of project
    management, business development, capital acquisition and consulting in oil and
    gas exploration and new production technologies. Prior to joining Nostra
    Terra, he was Principal and General Manager of Dallas-based AMX Consulting
    Services, LLC, delivering technical and commercial expertise to both public and
    private companies engaged in conventional and unconventional petroleum
    exploration and production. Mr. McCall is a Certified Petroleum Geologist and
    is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the
    Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Oklahoma Geological Society, the Fort
    Worth Geological Society and the Houston Geological Society.

    Mr McCall has previously held the position of exploration manager or chief
    geologist at a number of US-based independent oil and gas companies, leading or
    coordinating exploration programs in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Alaska and
    California, and also in Denmark, France and Australia. He has a BSc in Biology
    from Texas Christian University, an MSc in Geology from University of Texas,
    and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Arizona.

  6. miopus says:

    More responses to Wessy – from pleading for him to ost soemthign sensible.

    “I hoped you say something like that. Its going to make you look very very stupid. You tried on Friday with Landwind rubbish and the personal attacks on Matt. AS YOU CAN’T **** off the production and the oil in Austin etc. Also you dont know nothing about Utah as its confidential. I told you to stop sowing the seeds with half truths.

    NOW you bring the NOMAD into it. Where would you stop. May be Matts Mom or Dad, or his left leg or his dog(if his got one).

    NOW PLEASE BECAREFUL WHAT YOUR POSTING. THE NOMAD WOULD HAVE DONE CHECKS ON MATT AND ALDEN USING WORLD CHECK. WHICH ALL THE BANKS USE. ALSO LSE WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME CHECKS ALSO USING WORLD CHECK AND FACITVA. This is to protect investors and the NOMAD and Exchange. I was going to post this on Friday when you started but I did hint at it. But true to form you fell for the bait and hung yourself on half truths.


    what makes you the expert that you think you can save people from a company that is going under…you cannot know wether a company is going under no more than you can give a date as to when the sun will finaly go super nover and blow up…………..LOOOOOOOOOOOSER. go and get a job cus you aint no good as a deramper…..after all you only have 149 posts and that makes you an expert trader does it !!!!!!!!!you dont even pay for the premium chatt………..GO AWAY………

  7. miopus says:

    Just to warn you Daniel, removed a lot of Wessy’s posts due to them being entirely wrong, and false.

  8. Captain Patience says:

    Hi Dan,

    There has been vague talk from a PI’s bangladeshi source that Essar will make a bid for GCM Resources. Indications suggest that an initial offer will be 7.50 or £385 mill. Apparently Essar’s budget goes to 9 quid, with a maximum limit of a £500 mill offer if necessary.

    Have you heard any whispers on this?


    Ps – The credence of sources with regard to knowledge does appear to be very good, one example being:

  9. miopus says:

    Readers should note that the post which wessy6 (or whoever this little rascal calls himself) re-posted on here originated from a post on iii (by another little rascal) which has been subsequently withdrawn by iii due to complaints about it containing false and misleading information.

  10. miopus says:

    Below is an email received from Matt Lofgran, posted on iii. I have reposted it mainly because I would rather believe the words of this person than the poisonous ones from “redimp98” on ADVFN and his cronies, who are not CEOs of oil companies, and incidentally have had their posts – too numerous to mention – removed.

    On a daily basis we watch with mild amusement “wessy6/wesleyfromwales” hanging himself from his own Welsh rope on and being taunted by more experienced investors. Buy when Wes, the psychic octopus points his tentacle towards a sell, we say.

    “I think the ripples from BP are yet to be seen. I believe the extent of the off-shore drilling ban in the Gulf will determine the effects on the industry and oil prices as a whole. If the ban looks to be real (meaning no chance of changing it anytime soon) then we should see all the rigs depart the area to other parts of the world. Thee decisions are not taken lightly and when they’re gone it will take quite a bit to bring them back. I believe just shy of 20% of the US domestic oil is from off-shore Gulf. If this happens I would expect to see this have an impact on oil prices. In general there are plenty of variables that could drive the price of oil up, but very few that could bring it down. Many do see onshore being a safer place to operate, but we’re not seeing people flock to it at this point.

    We do anticipate increased production. Some from KS perhaps, but we’re really more excited and focused on other areas that we believe will offer more rapid growth. In the recent presentation we talk about our target opportunities all fitting into one are – the ability to go horizontal. We are seeing deals that I would put into 3 categories. 1) Farm-ins (earn-in) on larger plays with larger companies, 2) Acquire existing fields, 3) well by well in the Austin Chalk. We are actively pursuing opportunities in all three areas. We don’t anticipate taking small WI (working interest) in deals as done in the first well, but won’t rule it out. If it offers strategic advantage of more knowledge that is an example. In the AC though we are considering closer to 25% WI in wells going forward.

    The AC wells are exciting considering the quick payback, but I’m even more excited about acquiring existing producing properties from (vertical) wells, where we will go horizontal in the field to substantially increase production, revalue the field, then refinance or exit.

    Hope this helps.