Rockhopper, didn’t we do well?

Coat of Arms of The City of London

Charming Daniel?

Well as you all may or may not know I was conducting a small charm offensive in the City of London on Monday and Tuesday of this week when the Rockhopper news dropped re’ their latest drill. That’s another one chalked up for the Blog! I did manage to get to 5 of the appointments arranged but failed to arrive on one. (Apology sent to the Governor of the Bank of England and accepted!) Traffic is as you all know terrible In the capital. I also gleaned some interesting information on several oilers. More of which later this week. Reading between the lines isn’t an exact science but gauging sentiment can and should be used by Investors.

Lots of emails requesting the usual nonsense IE Names and address’ of our RKH contacts! Of course everyone knows where those particular emails now rest.

Keep your eyes on SmiGon over the next few months. I have a strange itch on the stock. News coming from several good quality sources here.



PS That’s a joke by the way regarding the Bank of England.

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  1. David says:

    Dan, I keep looking at HER as a mid-long term play and they look a decent investment IMHO, any chance of an article? or reversely any thoughts?

  2. Mobberlyman says:

    Well done Danny.
    I did email you on Monday askin you to disclose your sauces in the posts
    so i expect this is aimed at me. much appreciated for all your help getin the news out. I know its difficult especially when you do have a living to maintain.
    Were you in the London Wall buildings yesterday? The rumour was that you were there meeting the Rivington St mob?

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s sources not “sauces”
      I did receive about 20 emails but can’t actually recal your email address. It’s not personally aimed at you. Please don’t take offence.
      Yes I was in the London Wall Buildings yesterday however I was NOT meeting Rivington Street.



  3. Mo says:

    Hi Dan you made a emphasis on rock hopper and i have listened to you and as a result made a tidy profit. Thankyou.

    However, I see that you havent updated on oilex for some time. Is your view still a positive one in regards to oilex especially after the reserves update? Please could you do an update on that please as I feel i should top up but would like your words of wisdom.

    Once again Thank you dan! your site is a little gem!

    • Brokerman says:

      Well done but please remember that the posts should be used as a pointer for further research.
      If in doubt seek professional advice.

      Oilex will get back to you on this.


  4. No Name says:

    Any news on Matra Dan?
    I’ve tried to speak to them but this Peter Hind is dodging my calls and i’m not the only bugger whose been on the blower to them it’s looking poorly Dan. They’ve got a bloody cheek. Come on I know you’re busy but get on the blower to them and give them some stick.

  5. provestor says:

    ehem, Dan what about aminex… a bit silent on that front

  6. georgesaa says:

    Dan what are your thoughts on the Petroceltic Hub + Gramacho orchestrated pump & dump? Some of us are really pissed I’ve filled out + filed an online FSA complaint. That’s 9 complaints that I know of. Fancy releasing fake brokernotes online how stupid can you get?

  7. Dan says:

    I find it very Ironic, I actually emailed brendan long at merchant securities yesterday to discuss certain parts of his report on max, in the email I also vented my frustrastion towards these non producers who never find oil, and have zero production or revenue – all pure hype, the 2 shares I mentioned were DES and roxi , then would you believe DES Rose 21% and roxi 15% the day after – to further back up my claim . Bad Market , no flow rates, no oil – not a problem for DES , and I hate to admit it , but you are correct in that you will probably earn more in DES over the next 2 months, DES now has a 40p target price, and will no doubt double in price when rockhopper spud the well. Make no mistake , last time was almost last chance saloon, this really is now, if they have no success on this drill they will go bust within 18 months IMO (unless they get taken over) Only found water in the sea, zero % success, zero oil, zero production, yet can fly to 180p on hype alone . I said it was dodgy back then, 9th fund raiser it will be, at what price ? I wouldn’t pay over 10p, then again DES is a law to itself , and is prob the most manipulated share on AIM, on a day 50 billion got wiped off the Market DES Rose 25% on no news . Here we have max, striking oil on almost every well, found oil 9 times in last 6 months , ramping production and 2 weeks away from the jackpot deeps – yet we tank on good news . When was the last time we Rose 21% ? despite all our success . With hundreds of shares to invest in, I question when take the chance with the fraudulent DES board? Encore couldn’t raise money in this Market , DES certainly won’t on their own in 18 months if this is a failure , only reason they may get something ironed out this time is purely because of the connection to rockhopper . You have been warned – you are simply investing on a maybe – maybe sea lion extends into the area, maybe they can find the sweet spot, maybe it’s commercial, maybe they can get it flowing before 2016 and see a profit .