Yes the magic one million figure was hit yesterday! A big thanks to all who have used the Blog and continue to do so.

There have been some great success’s for small investors.   And yes there was the terrible call on our old friend Tower which i am happy to say is now on the up.

All in all going through the information posted  the accuracy has been well in excess of 95%. I have tried to temper the posts/information with caution as the penny dropped that there are investors who will invest on a whim.

What next for the Blog?

Well i can reveal that there’s a strong possibilty of real time data and live chat for the future. In order to achieve this a web host, dedicated server or a VSP will be needed. I want to include an online library where research company/financial news can be viewed as well as  broker notes. I have spoken to several brokerages regarding access to their material however the cost at the moment is prohibitive. But there is a time clause on notes where they become invalid which means that there’s no charge for use.

So watch this space.


GKP update due.

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  1. fpinvestor says:


    • bw says:

      Only started reading since last month… where have I been!? better late than never as they say…nice to see some objective info on here rather than the constant ramping on LSE. There is top info on here….well deserved applause.

      95% success rate….sounds good to me….even if it was 50%+ I would be pleased!

  2. kennyb says:

    Congrats Dan

    Did you manage to review DXR for me?
    We’re quite desperate situation at the mo and your thoughts would be appreciated,cheers and good luck for the future.

    • Brokerman says:

      I wil give you my opinion later today.

      Sorry for the delay.


    • Brokerman says:

      Kenny it’s bad news i’m afraid.

      DXR are a total mess what your left with is a shell of a company that has been badly managed. The hits they have taken in France are fatal. There is nothing there. The only chance they have is if the new man can turn it around by investing in as he states “low risk securities” he has to be fair jettisoned most of the assets to save the company from liquidation.

      They have half a million to play with, running costs now greatly reduced and a better than evens chance of still being here in 12 months time.
      As for investing in them my advice is to stay well clear. If your looking for a good solid long term investment that’s about to return to paying dividends in the next 12months then invest in Lloyds banking group. Your money will be safe barring a major nuclear catasrophe any of the banks or the top 100 will return you growth and dividends over the long-term.

      PS if you want to risk a big pay day have a look at Encore who i expect to double over the coming months, HOWEVER PLEASE RESEARCH YOUR INVESTMENTS IT IS YOUR MONEY THAT YOU COULD LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

      Good Luck


      • kennyb says:

        Thanks for your time Dan its much appreciated and all has been taken onboard,we’re probably gonna have to ride this out and just hope to get ourmoney back,cheers

  3. dj says:

    95% is much better than my personal average.

    Dan, I am wondering at what level NPE becomes a must buy. 130p could drop further – I read on iii that there is strong support at 120p. Do you have a view on what level it would become a firm buy at? Thanks for any views.

  4. timmey says:

    Nice work dan! love the blog

  5. Laurence Bristol says:

    Well done Dan !! Still sitting on the GCM train , waiting patiently at the station 🙂

  6. Jules says:

    Nice one Dan, may the revolution continue ! thanks for all your efforts, I am waiting on GKP and trying to forget about it until the boom. Also any thoughts on Night Hawk – I’ve heard one or two whispers that this company could go big!

    Kindest regards


  7. bill says:

    Hi Dan any views on PXS and GKP ? and congrats on the 1,000,000, bill