Nautical. There’re going Major!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are the links to most of the company news flow for Nautical.

Of the three listed companies it is my opinion that Nautical represent the better upside re’  gains.

Catcher,Kracken,Keddington,Mariner,French licenses etc etc. All are beginning to confirm  that Nautical are about too become a MAJOR player in the North Sea. The upside from production from the Kracken and Catcher discoveries will alone be phenominal in terms of share-holder value.

This company could very well be trading at present Premier oil prices within 2/3 years.

I urge all investors to take a couple of hours out and click on the links below to research Nautical company news.

After a full Analysis My opinion of Nautical is that they will continue to climb and trend up over the next 1/2 years.



Latest News

28-Jun-2010 Catcher East Oil Discovery
15-Jun-2010 Catcher Operations Update
14-Jun-2010 Keddington-3z Preliminary Production Results
03-Jun-2010 Significant Light Oil Discovery at Catcher
17-May-2010 Drilling of Catcher Exploration Well Commences
26-Apr-2010 Farm In Agreement
06-Apr-2010 Rig Agreement Signed for Kraken
22-Mar-2010 Interim Results
12-Mar-2010 Catcher Rig Agreement Signed
14-Jan-2010 Directors Shareholding
09-Nov-2009 Final Results
03-Apr-2009 Extension of Secured Bank Facility
23-Mar-2009 Interim Results
25-Feb-2009 Notification of Results
02-Feb-2009 Acquisition
 Archived News

13-Jan-2009 Directors Shareholding
06-Jan-2009 Total Voting Rights
02-Dec-2008 Results of AGM
20-Nov-2008 Directors Shareholding
13-Nov-2008 6 successful awards in 25th Seaward Licensing Round
13-Nov-2008 Drilling Update
31-Oct-2008 Notice of AGM
16-Oct-2008 Final Results
15-Oct-2008 Directorate Changes
10-Oct-2008 Drilling Update
03-Oct-2008 Notification of Results
30-Sep-2008 Total Voting Rights
30-Sep-2008 Holding(s) in Company
25-Sep-2008 Result of General Meeting and Share Consolidation
22-Sep-2008 Second Kraken Appraisal Well
19-Sep-2008 Allotment of 10 Shares for Share Consolidation
09-Sep-2008 Proposed Share Consolidation & Notice of GM
09-Sep-2008 Mariner 3D & OBC seismic surveys completion
19-Aug-2008 New Exploration Licences in France
05-Aug-2008 Nautical Secures Rig Slot for Block 3/27a
25-Jul-2008 Kraken Farm Out Agreement with Canamens
23-Jul-2008 Completion of Hydra 3/27a Farmout
18-Jul-2008 Completion of Selkie 8/25a Farmout
27-May-2008 Selkie well result
15-May-2008 Farm Out Agreement
13-May-2008 Spud of Selkie Well
14-Apr-2008 Notice of New Major Shareholding
19-Mar-2008 Interim Results December 2007
15-Jan-2008 Drilling Update
11-Dec-2007 Results of AGM 
10-Dec-2007 Mermaid well results 
27-Nov-2007 Drilling update
16-Nov-2007 Successful Kraken Apprasial well
31-Oct-2007 Completion of 9/11c Mermaid Farmout
31-Oct-2007 Farmout and Acquisition Agreements
24-Oct-2007 Appraisal of the Kraken Discovery
17-Oct-2007 Placing of Ordinary shares
02-Oct-2007 Final Results for the 12 month period to 30 June 2007
20-Sep-2007 Operations Update
19-Sep-2007 Farmout Agreement


This could be quite possibley the best investment about this year!

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No Responses

  1. femfatale says:

    Is this a hint to buy?
    After such an upbeat post should i buy in?
    Goodness Dan that’s quite a ringing endorsement.

    I shall research them asap.


    • Brokerman says:

      Certainly not! Please always research any investment. I am merely stating MY opinion on my blog.
      It is upto each individual to decide on which investment is good for them based on a Full analysis of the stock.


    • delandlynn says:

      Dan, Does the same go for Encore?

      • Brokerman says:

        Encore will certainly become much more healthy on the back of the Catcher discovery. I’d need to spend much more time researching them to give a full view.


  2. Allan says:

    Thanks Dan
    I bought in last week @ 163.00 for mediun/long term. Am waiting on GKP news now.

  3. Lee says:

    Dan i agree. I think both are looking great !!! just well peed i sold when they dropped and missed the 70% rise that followed. But i agree both companies may well go from strength to strength like RKH in a fairly short space of time. Cheers

  4. Barsteward says:

    Please dan tell us something we dont already know.
    I predict a crisp fiver per share come tomorrow.

  5. roger&out says:

    Can you have a peek at range resources for us daniel?


  6. TasDevil says:

    Let me strike a wild guess dannyboy?
    I predict Nautical to sink to 50p after a duster side drill.
    Premier oil prices in 2-3 years? Bollocka!


    • Sugaray says:

      Let me take a wild guess tas?
      Your green with envy and wish you had a blog as good as dans?
      You’ve lost dosh shorting?
      your a complete loser do one muppet and stay over on III with your shorter muppets.
      Tas bankrupt the paid shorter.


    • Brokerman says:

      Get a life.


  7. dj says:

    Hi, Dan! any comment on today’s RNS and the price crash?

    • Gannfan says:

      I hardly call a fall of 4p a price crash! Considering there are a fair few people who have bought on the rumour and sold on the news I consider the price has held up remarkably well. There is also a major seller (see earlier RNSs) who because of circumstances is having to sell. No I’m with Dan on this one. My Gann analysis complements Dan’s fundamental approach and suggests a share price of around £8-£9 by summer of 2012.

    • Anne Chance says:

      price crash? not sure 1.8% drop in price after an RNS providing news which was pretty much written in to the price dj would be my idea of a crash. This is a share which has capitalisation parity to reach with EO based upon the fundamentals. Let us see. Relax and rejoice……………..

      • dj says:

        Anne, I don’t like to get technical, but the price is down by 8.8% so far today. Emphasis on the “so far”.

        • Anne Chance says:

          thanks dj, i was rather talking about at the 0855 time you posted. Nothing technical about that else we could make a statement at any time which at one moment in time could become fact

    • MIOPUS says:

      There hasn’t been what I would call a crash. There has been the as expected cracking RNS. Good buying opportunity though if a small dip, IMO.

  8. MIOPUS says:

    I hate to be a killjoy, but didn’t you once say that TasDevil wouldn’t be allowed to comment on this board ?

    • Brokerman says:

      Well he’s using a different IP than the ones now blocked. If he breaks out into unhinged rants then he; if indeed it is him will be blocked.


      • dj says:

        I have no idea who you are talking about. I am not Tasmanian Devil. I sodl out at 176 this morning and bought back in at 168, which expanded my number of shares.