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  1. MIOPUS says:

    Spot on Dan !!! Thanks for the swift update.

  2. Miles says:

    Excellent call on the 4pm consolidation nautical are at 187p and prem/encore are flying.
    Well done Dan.

    Fantastic Blog well worth a readyou should start charging for this service. only joshing
    thanks again.
    Becareful some would accuse the last post of insider dealing.


    • sharewatcher says:

      Beware Daniel your last post smacks of inside knowledge.

      great posts spot on the money.


      any thouhgt on which of the 3 will benefit the most from the next news. I’m in Nautical,looking to get into Encore or have i missed the boat?

  3. LSE DANFAN says:

    Big thanks from your LSE fan club we know you put in a hell of a lot of research off your own back and valuable time. Excellent posts. Always a good read and i do enjoy your opinion. strange init that these losers who shout and scream abuse about you have gone on the missing list. There full of shit.
    We’ve still got that silly old ejet from ashton posting crap about you most of us ignore the muppet sad old sack. He is a real weird character bit creepy.

    Keep it coming


  4. S Williams says:

    Hi Dan,

    Great success for Encore and NPE at Catcher. However, are you aware that the former is soon going to be involved in the appraisal of a 110ft light oil column that was discovered in 2008? With all the noise about Catcher at the moment, don’t forget that until recently, many pi’s were of the opinion that the jewel in Encore’s crown was this 2008 light oil discovery as they had not found O/W contact. Its known as the ‘Cladhan’ discovery and could hold as much, if not more, potential upside for Encore than Catcher. Just to let you know, they are approx two months away from appraising that discovery.

    S Williams

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes i know about the Cladhan.
      For me to commit to a full factual analysis of any company can take up to 7days depending on how my work-load pans out. Archive’s have to be accessed as does the tech’ section of each market sector. There also has to be a full critical examination of flash notes, company news,in-house notes, II investor holdings, NAV, Broker briefs etc etc it goes on and on. It’s a question of getting it done with-out alerting the securitate here!
      Encore as you rightly point out could very well be on the cusp of 100p+ without Catcher, if Cladham goes well then Encore are still expected to rise.
      As a holder of Premier(18 months), Encore(4 weeks) and Nautical (7weeks) i am very excited at the prospects for all three of these companies. I invested in Nautical&Encore through my dealings in Premier.

      Good Luck with Encore (i’ve a feeling you won’t need it)