Encore,Nautical,Premier. Catcher round-up

There seems to be some private investors who are looking at these companies as a day trade. This is a fundamental error in strategy.

All junior oilers flucuate. Private investors  expect  price rises to keep carrying on and on and on. Get with the programme, get real! Those that Hold  will gain. Those that keep jumping in and out will get caught out by the Market bods here. It’s always the same.

I have held Premier since the last big drop bought at 789p at the end of 2008 i have watched them bounce around peaking and dipping for the last 18/months. they are currently at 1345p. The huge gains i am sat on here were not made overnight time is the key.

Nautical have  quadrupled in value.

Encore have nearly tripled

Premier are approx’ 26% higher.

By any stretch of the imagination Catcher is a phenomenal success.

Carefully read the latest RNS which to all and intents and purposes is confirming that  the Catcher drills are hitting one oil accumulation.

Encore have Cladhan yet to come

Nautical have Kracken

Premier may very well become mired in an Encore takeover (they have quality assets)

My opinion is HOLD. However if you sell then it’s your opinion that counts to you and you only.

Constantly panicking on every dip and rise is a sure sign that the stock market makers are in control of your portfolios.

Get back in the driving seat.


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  1. berkshireknight says:

    Hi Dan,
    Given your most recent post on Encore/Nautical I wonder if you might comment on your own post from Friday when you said “The above companies are now on a constant WATCH/WAR footing here there will be utter pandemonium next week if the drill yet agains hits more oil. Which i might add has been SIGNIFICANTLY DE-RISKED.

    All the above are now rated as a strong buy. With each company; varying price targets depending on who you telephone/speak too.

    ENCORE 79/100P”

    Encore is now below the high hit post Catcher East sidetrack, how do you explain this please as pandemonium never materialised.


    • Brokerman says:

      Read the RNS from the operators there are no updated OIL IN PLACE figures given by the operator the market here will continue to gauge on the last OIP given by the operator. If Encore came out with higher OIP then there would of been a huge spike. I note that Encore hit 70p,Nautical hit 205p and Premier rose to 360p.


      Regulatory Story
      Go to market news section

      Company EnCore Oil PLC
      TIDM EO.
      Headline Catcher SW Appraisal Result
      Released 07:00 05-Jul-2010
      Number 7862O07

      RNS Number : 7862O
      EnCore Oil PLC
      05 July 2010


      Press Release:Capital markets.

      For immediate release: 5 July 2010

      EnCore Oil plc (‘EnCore’ or ‘the Company’)

      Catcher South West Appraisal Result

      EnCore Oil plc (LSE: EO.) is pleased to provide an update on the Catcher South West Appraisal side-track well located in UK Central North Sea block 28/9.

      The 28/9-1Y well was drilled to a Total Depth of 6,255 feet Measured Depth (M.D.) having successfully encountered excellent quality oil bearing reservoir sandstones at the target Cromarty Sandstone level. Initial analysis indicates a gross reservoir interval (M.D.) of 449 feet, equivalent to a vertical reservoir thickness of 261 feet; a net vertical sand thickness of 121 feet; a hydrocarbon column of 173 feet; and fluid levels consistent with the oil water contact seen in the Catcher discovery well.

      The current phase of the Catcher area drilling programme is now complete and the Galaxy II rig will be released following completion of the 28/9-1Y well operations. In the meantime, EnCore and its co-venturers are preparing to acquire a number of new site surveys, starting this month, over additional potential drilling locations in Block 28/9. The group is also in discussions to secure a rig for a further exploration and appraisal drilling programme for the Catcher area. It is possible, though at this time uncertain, that further drilling may recommence as soon as the autumn. Further announcements will be made as appropriate on the likely timing of future drilling activity.

      It is expected that the cost to EnCore of the current drilling campaign will not make a material impact on the Company’s cash resources.

      Alan Booth, EnCore’s Chief Executive Officer, commented:

      “This is another great result. This side-track, downdip from the original Catcher discovery well, has successfully appraised the south western part of the Catcher structure and has reconfirmed our seismic interpretation and provided greater confidence in our oil in place estimates. Additional Cromarty sand units were developed beneath the oil water contact and we will now integrate this information into our on-going evaluation of the Catcher accumulation. We believe that the group has established an important new North Sea discovery with very significant on block upside potential, and we look forward to returning to the Catcher area as soon as practicable. We now await the start of appraisal drilling later this month at Cladhan, operated by Sterling Resources, which will commence following release of the J.W.McLean rig from its current drilling operations.”

      Peter Williams B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics and EnCore’s Group Technical Manager, who has over 35 years’ engineering experience in the oil exploration and production industry, has reviewed and approved the technical information contained in this announcement.

      For further information, please contact:

      EnCore Oil plc

      Alan Booth, Chief Executive Officer
      +44 (0)20 7224 4546

      Eugene Whyms, Chief Financial Officer

      Yvonne Fraser, Investor Relations Manager
      +44 (0)7957 241 408

      Westhouse Securities Limited

      Tim Feather
      +44 (0) 20 7601 6100

      Matthew Johnson

      Notes to Editors:

      Block 28/9 is located in the Central North Sea on the edge of the western margins of the Central Graben. Catcher is approximately 110 miles off the coast of Aberdeen.

      The 28/9-1 original Catcher discovery well established a minimum 240 feet oil column with a calculated net pay of 90 feet.

      The equity in the Catcher joint venture partnership is as follows: EnCore Oil plc (15 per cent., Operator), Premier Oil (35 per cent.), Wintershall (UK North Sea) Limited (20 per cent.), Nautical Petroleum (15 per cent.) and Agora Oil & Gas (15 per cent.).

      EnCore Oil plc (LSE:EO.) is an oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company quoted on AIM.

      It is not the Company’s aim to build a full cycle E&P company. The principal strategy is to create shareholder value through the successful exploration and appraisal of prospects and discoveries. The Company will seek to monetise or exchange the asset at the appropriate point in its life cycle and return value directly to shareholders wherever possible.

      EnCore has an experienced and proven management team, a number of whom were responsible for the discovery of the Buzzard field in the UK North Sea, which currently produces over 10 per cent. of the UK’s total oil production.

      All EnCore’s commercial and material technical evaluations are undertaken in-house by the EnCore team. This brings both continuity to the management and development of the assets and an ownership that is vital to unearth the best and most creative new ideas and opportunities.


      This information is provided by RNS
      The company news service from the London Stock Exchange

  2. Diamond Bob says:

    Do not hold any stock in exploration company’s. Always sell on spikes and wait for the sp to drop back.

    Just look at where GKP is now. Holding this stock as seriously damaged peoples wealth!!!


  3. Jim Quinn says:

    I have to say I admire people like yourself who are willing to offer help and advice and prepared to suffer the slings of unhappy or disappointed investors.
    Today’s eagerly awaited RNS did not provide the explosion in SP many were expecting but given the extraordinary hyping on last week’s BBs, I can’t say I was surprised. It reminded me of Barclays Q1 results this year when the SP tanked because profits were only 200m down at 1.8Bn. The SP fell dramatically as the day-traders exited with bruised knuckles. There are too many barrow-boys out there! I’ve never forgiven Michael Douglas.

  4. Diamond Bob says:


    why won’t you let me post on you site anymore???

    • Brokerman says:

      There’s a block on your ip. Due to profanity used. double posting with false id’s etc etc.
      I have lifted it. Now behave.


  5. Captain Patience says:

    Hi Dan,

    I must say that upon reading the majority of your previous blogs, I have come to the conclusion that you do in fact act in the best interests of the PI.

    I would be grateful if you could create another GCM heading so that I can submit some further info for the blogship.



    • Brokerman says:


      You are more than welcome to post any article on here re’ GCM i will give you authorship status if you request it.



      • Captain Patience says:

        Hi Dan,

        Thanks for your reply. I would be grateful if you could provide me with authorship status.



  6. Hi Dan,

    ‘Nautical have quadrupled in value.’ Not for me. My shares averaged 9p in penny shares, 2008. I am just at break even. Hardman and Edison valued the company quite highly just after the Kraken strike, then the share price fell ….

    I trust this will not be a repeat! Can the price be manipulated down to assist a takeover? I have read that this sometimes happens, but I can’t see that happening here. The price must soar …soon, I hope!

  7. Shaun says:

    Any comment on the rumour that PMO may look to buyout NPE or buy theit 15% stake in Catcher?

    • Brokerman says:

      Nautical wont contemplate a sale, until they are in production either with Catcher or Kracken. Much more likely that Encore will sell given they’re raison-d’etre.


  8. Matey123 says:

    Captain Patience why dont you post your info on this thread please. Looking forward to it


  9. Musy says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am one of the unfortunate one who bought EO on a its spike(64p). I am already down 4k, Can anybody shed any light as why this is dropping every day. I am feeling a bit eachy and thinking to cut my losses before it gets worse.
    Are we anticipating a news on OIP in near future (a week or two)
    Thanks for your comments.

    • Brokerman says:

      Hold for news on Cladhan and news on Catcher.
      SP target is 100p+ (Capital markets).
      A.I.M Stock always decline when there is no news.

      Good Luck


  10. Shaun says:


    Any idea for the excessive weakness in NPE compared to EO.

    Many thanks

    • Brokerman says:

      Each companies share price is based on that individual companies share capital,fundamentals,prospects and institutional holders.
      NPE have a higher value than Encore though Encore have a much more stable SP.

      Both are at present in the race.