Ceres Power. What do you think?

Ceres symbol 1

Is there a recovery here?

Take a look at Ceres Power Holdings they’re currently up 23% coming off a 52 week low of just over 9p. They have hit the dizzy heights of 82p over the last 12 months currently trading at 13p.  Here’s a challenge for all those out there. Instead of writing my opinion on Ceres power holdings I’ll offer up the company to the Blogosphere to research them.

Now as of June this year the company had Net cash and short-term investments of just under £27 million pounds. I like the company and think that there’s mileage in the share-price which looks as though it is in recovery. Ceres are working closely with British gas to deliver their technology to the market. There’s lots out there on them so I suggest you the Private Investor get researching them. Now they are an investment proposition, not a day-trade so give the company a thorough research.





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  1. marcus says:

    hi dan will have alook but stuffed for money at the mo ,

    thanks for the heads up

    whqat a bout a chart of tipped shares and price ?

  2. Robert Smith says:

    To be honest after a quick research this company seems bad news. A green product that isn’t so green, doesn’t work afaik and is still in the development. Looking at the share price it looks like a classic pump and dump. Stay away. Check III investor comments for a quick idea on investors views.

    • Brokerman says:

      Look at the company fundamentals and the business model along with tie-ups. Then check their product research pipeline. Not comments from a chat site. The whole idea is to research the company in-depth and to find out if there’s a recovery in the stock taking place. The world of investment doesn’t revolve around a few bods on III. Branch out telephone the company,speak to BG, find research & analysis from the city go back 12months, Check out the history of the newly appointed Head Honcho. Look into the market that Ceres are targeting etc. Then post your opinion 20 minutes online reading comments from III isn’t research!


      • Robert Smith says:

        I agree, but I said a quick idea on private investor views on III as they will quickly give an impression of the company. They have been listed since 2004 and are on a permenant downtrend for a reason. Their main product doesn’t work. They have had 7 years. Why a 40% rise today on no news ?. This stock looks more of a gamble that GKP with considerably less reward. I mean where the hell is their promised september update on the so called yet again ‘fixes’ for the cell.


        That was late july

        FT snippet


        Don’t let me dissuade anyone from investing, just for me this one is a dead duck. I see this going insolvent or low ball takeover for the patents.

        • Brokerman says:

          You can’t invest money in any company until you’ve researched them for quite some time. Hence the article. Are Ceres in recovery etc? A 40% rise may be a pointer as to a recovery it could be a limited share-price recovery or it could be a full recovery or indeed just a short term blip that’s why investors need to check out reasons for the rise. I like them and think that over time they could be a worth-while investment of course their technology needs to be proven and like all tech it takes time with many cock-ups along the way. I think there’s a new realism in the company now that the new man is beginning to stamp out a clearer vision to market of course there’ll be many twists and turns along the way, some good some bad but thats how the world of budding business works. We are in an almighty mess with the Global economy so true value isn’t reflected in Ceres or indeed the majority of companys currently being traded.



          • Robert Smith says:

            As I expected. Pump and dump as plain as anything. Back to pre pump levels now. I see this falling further to sub 10p due to extreme lack of confidence in the company . You’d need balls of steel to put money here in my opinion. It could come good, but looking at it, not likely. I am not a big believer that a new CEO really changes anything in any company so I personally doubt this will help.

            Good luck to all that hold shares though.

  3. wcj01 says:

    Hi Dan,
    LOGP rig has turned up and imenent spud,the oil is there it was found and tested 20 years ago. Their going to use a vaccum insulated pipe to extract,which will help the high wax content oil flow a lot better by keeping it warmer(higher flow rate) and pending 3d which is rumoured to be very good.get it out there Dan.

    Also from what i can gather rockhopper had high wax oil and also used a vaccum insulated pipe.

    Need i say anymore.



  4. Dan says:

    Have I missed a fundamental flaw in mxp dan? Due to being overly optimistic , and not seeing the bad bit ? Can you give me just a sentence as to why you believe the share price is not moving mate? Starting to lose faith , nothing but great news , a 5m buy today from renascence capital, 90% buys today yet we go down , the conference call was nothing but bullish from mike young , 8 wells online in next 6 weeks, experts keep saying we need flow rates , there you go.
    Hit oil 12 times this year , fully funded , and spudded the elephant EMBA B – mike young said 1 in 3 chance of oil . Sagiz west is 92m and could hit 10,000 bopd on its own . P2 70% up – I fail to see any downside , debt won’t be a problem come 2013 if we keep increasing the production . Yet roxi jumps more than up today without any oil

  5. Frank says:

    Been following Ceres for 10 years. Unfortunate that it is taking so long to prove the product but R&D is never certain and sometimes timeframes get stretched. It is a credible company with good customers who are standing by the product. The company has a solid board, cash in the band, and a new CEO with a proven track record.
    What they don’t have yet is a marketable product (which they should have had this year) and this latest delay has hit the stock price hard. It is my view that the new CEO decided to get all the bad news out now so that there are no overhanging legacy issues going forward.
    What they have is £27M, good facilities, and a good technical and manufacturing team. That isn’t enough cash to get them to cash flow positive but should get them to a slightly higher share price before they need to raise further funds.

    PS: they didn’t hit a high of 82p during the last twelve months… they have been falling since the GFC. I hope 9p is the bottom because I hold a non trivial number of shares!

    • Brokerman says:

      All you’ve posted is very true. I see the new man as being brought in to address the tech problems and delays. You’re quite mistaken on the 82p price which the company did hit in March of this year. Check out the data feed/chart on http://www.londonstockexchange.com for confirmation. You can also cross-reference this with the II share-price chart which is actually showing a 12 month range of 9p– 82.48p slightly higher than the LSE chart.


      • Frank says:

        Fair point on the max price. It dropped to around 80p about 18 months ago and hovered there for six months – the 5yr chart is not an attractive thing.
        BUT that said I have no intention of selling my shares (couldn’t anyway due to the small volumes currently trading) as I have confidence in the company (lucky I also have patience!).