Premier,Nautical,Encore. News…………..

Side track drilling is now well under way the reason for the current sp’s rising.

The above companies are now on a constant WATCH/WAR footing here there will be utter pandemonium next week if the drill yet agains hits more oil. Which i might add has been SIGNIFICANTLY DE-RISKED.

All the above are now rated as a strong buy. With each company; varying price targets depending on who you telephone/speak too.

ENCORE 79/100P

PREMIER 1500/1800p (Possible new 5 year high predictions)

NAUTICAL 230/310P  (stock thin on the ground)

Almost every brokerage is expecting good news after the weekend.

Looking very positive…………….

Hold for news it could make you a fortune!

Good Luck to all.


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  1. Lee says:

    Iv e heard from a pal in offshore they have struck more oil in SW Catcher. I sold on RNS before last one when this dropped like a stone. Nautical still trading well below Encore on Catcher alone. Any ideas why ? I may get in here early next week hopefully before news

    • Brokerman says:

      All companies are judged individually by the market. Each have an interest in Catcher, it will not equate to a corresponding equal rise or fall in company value.They are seperate oilers with completely different structures/assets hence the difference in sp rises.

      Hold for news.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well if you believe your friend why wait till next week ?