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  1. miopus says:

    Well done Dan on that inspired initiative.

    Hopefully an article from NTOG or Hewitt Petroleum will aid investors/would be investors who do not understand the technicalities of NTOG’s methods of operation.


    Hey Dan what a great idea.
    any more news on minerva.

  3. celiajones says:

    When is the Ntog ever going to write a script here?
    They are just not bothered about PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Mikeyadmin says:

    This is pie in the sky
    I bet youve never even spoke to them….

    Mikeyadmin of LSE FAME>

    • Brokerman says:

      What an idiot you are. A poisonous wretch. Stay off this Blog you prick.
      How’s the drilling in Ashton going or have you still not spudded the well in the back yard?


    • miopus says:

      Mikey – if you are MikeyT/Admin. I happen to know that Dan did contact the CEO.

      I wish you would give credit where it is due, because it only makes you look stupid, and I know you are not.

      You two need to stop feuding.

      There is no need for the comments on GKP iii board this morning. I am positive Dan has useful contacts in the media and the City. I have, and I don’t even work in the City.

  5. treesneedhugging says:

    great stuff Dan big up to you we all must thank you for all your efforts over

    the last few months this blog is one of the best on the net.


    ps fingers crossed i’ve gt asmall hlding here and really love this little tiddler

  6. LestertheinVestor says:

    Am in on this one so i’ve signed up for ya email subscription
    keep up the great word dan.
    ignore the knockers jealousy reigns over on the lse chat site.
    What are yur thoughts on Dragon oil?

  7. windowcleaner says:

    Can you please put back the site metre icon it made interesting reading on what institutions were monitoring this blog
    heads upon Minerva thanks dan bought at 78 sold at 120.


    • Brokerman says:

      Have put back the blog stats but they are missing Decembers hits; unfortunately i had to remove the sitemeter due to the hack attempt which came through it’s portal.
      I will look at reinstating it once my security software updates to close the back-door.


  8. Sharewizard says:

    When is this articule being written then mate?
    are we allowed to quiz the ceo about some points of order and bones of contention about company policy i know your busy but a repli would be greatfully received.

  9. chris says:

    oil is the place to be at the mo’ theres no way i’m goin to missout here sure some things go wrong but we have to take the rough with the smooth chaps. It aint easy running any oil play just remember Irvine energy they went into oblivion with 5k of my lolly .got back several times over tradin gkp and dragon you pays ya lolly you takes ya chance.


    • Brokerman says:

      Agreed Chris . Good post But always derisk your portfolio try and have a peek at Babcock or any of the stable top 100 currently on the Footsie.

      Banks and oil are where the markets will focus with Gold for security.