Gulf Keystone. NEWS???????

“Just where is the news here?” 

Investors with itchy feet and a nervous disposition are beginning to lose faith especially you Privateers!

Don’t be fooled the news is out there winging its way to BrokermanDaniel. Having spoken to umpteen contacts within the financial media section of several National newspapers here in the UK (Mail,Telegraph, financial Times) i can now take a stab at the placing price being touted within the markets 65/70Pish.

News is on the horizon in my humble opinion based on previous experience here when it hits the market expect a plethora of RNS’s and notes from our friends over at the Brokerages. Fox Davies are refusing to discuss matters citing Market sensitivity. Secrets, secrets and more secrets. Smoke and mirrors. News is very close.


Hold for good news

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  1. Richard says:

    Any thoughts on the takeover by HOIL Dan. cheers

    • Brokerman says:

      There are a myriad of whispers/rumours flying through the ether on any given day re’ GKP. The market thribes on rumour.
      If hoil are in the running then they are just one of many eyeing up GKP.


  2. Timmy Tyler says:

    Hi Dan
    Sorry – could you explain this a bit to those of us who are new to shares.
    If there is a placing at 65-70p, then will that draw the sp down to that level, or will it go the other way as the investors are offered cheap shares as an incentive…?!

    • blooglasgow says:

      Timmy PIs won’t get a sniff and dilution will be minimal all depends if it isa 1 off funding for the whole year then IMO sp goes up significantly but DYOR

    • Brokerman says:

      In my experience share dilution usually results in a drop in SP value. However i expect a speedy recovery in SP as the realisation sets in that GKP are now fully funded re’ possible production gear up.
      With several billion recoverable at this stage of the play (which my sources are expecting to be significantly increased) this SP ,due to the regions geo-political instability, is certainly trading well below its true value by a multipule of two.
      Time is the key here.


  3. WAKS says:

    Could this be a possible merger with hoil or may be a farm in?.

  4. aaa says:


    Give up your guesswork, quite frankly its getting boring

  5. aaa says:

    Lol, on the ball again it seems!!

  6. Dyl says:

    Whats happened today then Dan? Why the sudden drop… should we be worried about this?

    • Brokerman says:

      No with several billion already confirmed with much more to come.

      Patience is the key.


      • Anonymous says:

        Can you explain Dan, why SP still going down each day then ? You advised people to hold ages ago, but it would have been better to have sold.

  7. bill says:

    hi dan i think your guess of 150 mill may be right but later this month, the small draw down will tied them over until the real news , few people are saying T/O this month . hope your feeling ok are your accident . cheers

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks for your post.
      Am well on the way to recovery ankle is now taking weight on it and the boot will be off next Friday.
      Thank GOD!

      Back is much better and my shoulder is now free from its’ collar and cuff though my back is still playing me up though it is much better may have to undergo an operation on two vertebrae.


      • bill says:

        hi dan whats happening ? i dont doubt your april 30th post , i feel the news must be close now. cheers bill