Identifying a Stock Basher

Countless investors find their way to the message boards only to see false posts about company news, “problems” and “Share Price Correction.” Such boards are filled with bashers using a variety of aliases, posting false or misleading information, all in all making it very difficult for a newcomer to tell fact from fiction.

For nervous investors, it is often easier to sell the stock and put the money in the bank. These are the people on whom the bashers prey. Bashers bet on a stock to go down and they do their best to help it happen. They are not concerned with the risk of losing money like the average investor, because they are usually paid to bash the stock. In other words, they are not using their personal funds and are not actually investing themselves, or at least not in that stock. Additionally, bashers do not wait for the markets to go up or down; they make them move themselves. Bashers use fear, lies, and falsehoods to prey on the nervous investor, thus influencing the markets in their favour.


Lesson 1
Bashers never bash bad stocks. You can watch the board for stocks with no potential. You’ll see pretty quickly that those stocks don’t have bashers. Bashers only go after stocks that are going upwards or have excellent potential to go up. Bashers get left behind, so they want to bring the price down.


Lesson 2
Bashers bring up old news that you have heard many times. All companies always have a few bits of bad news. The basher will post these bits over and over again. The stupid basher will try to make the old news a bit fresher to try to fool you. Don’t be fooled!


Lesson 3
Bashers post many times a day. They try to wear you out. They comment on everything, every other post, and can answer every question. To hear them say it, they know it all.

There is no positive comment they won’t bash. They try to control the board with their negativity. If they seem to be working on this one stock full time, that’s because they are! Even more than full-time.


Lesson 4
Bashers will lie to your face (or your keyboard). Never trust a basher. The truth on most companies is that mistakes are made and losses happen. The basher will try to make you believe all companies make a profit, release financials every quarter, and have all aspects of the business running smoothly from the start. This is not true. Anyone who says it is true is either lying or ignorant. Don’t listen to either kind. Small AIM companies can go years without profits; this is the nature of the beast.

Lesson 5
Bashers know that you can’t verify their statements. That’s why they make the statements they do. You can’t check them out and you may just believe them and then they win. Either way, they don’t lose.
Lesson 6
Bashers play on your lack of knowledge. They count on the fact that they can lie about information and you won’t know the difference. And you won’t, unless you have done your assessment of the company and know truth from lie.
Lesson 7
Bashers play on your lack of patience. You have held a stock for a while, knowing it will be a big  stock someday. The basher can get to you because you are tired of waiting for your gain. When you are getting your plan, you are ripe for a bashing. You are tired and you’ve forgotten that the goal for the stock was to hold it for one year, then see where it stands. The basher is bothersome and tiring, so you dump it on a bad day and so do others. Then you get angry about your loss and you return to the board to let everyone know how mad you are. Congratulations, you too have become a basher. The basher has won and gained a new, unwitting, partner. At this point the basher will buy low and become a pumper, maybe using a new alias, and will try to reverse the trend. Your loss becomes the basher’s gain as your stock rises after you sell it.
Lesson 8
The basher is all about bringing the price down. That is the nature of a basher. The truth is not important; lies are the norm. They are trying to hit the newbies visiting the board for the first time, so they post continuously throughout the day. They are trying to wear out the longs on the board and they will do whatever it takes to do so.
Lesson 9
Bashers will try to create doubt and get you to research items that they know will lead to the creation of doubt in you and in other stockholders. A typical trick of an advanced basher is to propose that there is a potential “problem” because “we” don’t have the facts on a particular subject. The basher dares someone in the group to find out the answer to the question. The basher already knows the answer and knows what you will find. The power of this tactic is that the basher is now in control of the actions of the stockholders; the basher has you in his web of lies. Most stockholders will do due diligence when confronted with a questionable news story. When the stockholder cannot confirm or deny the story because of too much conflicting information, the basher gains credibility.
What do you do?
It is important to find answers on your own terms. Pick up the phone and call the company, talk to the investor relations person or the CEO until you get a satisfactory answer. The problem here is that the advanced basher has you doing his bidding; you have essentially joined his ranks. So, develop your own little “Due Diligence Package” and answer questions by placing the information into the package. Then you can refer new investors to read your well-researched answers to questions raised in the Investor Information package.What you need to avoid is getting into a conversation with the basher himself or herself about the topic. Once you get into direct conversation with a basher, you give the basher credibility. Answer the question if you need to, but do it indirectly. Never use the basher’s name. Never get into a personality contest with a basher.

Lesson 10

Always report the basher to the board or forum eventually they will have to take action. Collective reporting on a daily basis will ensure the bashers’ demise.


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14 Responses

  1. susie says:

    Excellent post Dan.
    TAS the devil is a paid basher so is Zentenes and value prophet they all work together maybe they are childsplay,spiritfinder and HGAC from lse now theres a thought!


  2. Diamondbob says:

    Hey Dan

    what happened to my post about stock bashing?Have all the posts for £120 a day bashers been filled? My missus was banking on that to make up for all the money you’ve lost her on this stock!!

    Just kidding, I love the 80’s, let’s bring it back!

  3. Stig says:

    There are certainly posters on these boards that seem to post 27×7. Makes you think what they can be doing for a living!

    Question – what bulletin boards are used in the UK? I’m familiar with ADFN, III and LSE but are there others?


  4. Stig says:

    Tas Devil posted continuously today from 8:45 until after 6pm. Usually about 6 to 10 posts an hour. (He/she did take a break between 12 and 1pm!) Either a paid poster / basher or very bored at work!


  5. Robert O says:

    Hi Dan.
    great insight into the mind of a basher?
    do you think that bashers are in the employ of certain brokerages?
    only today people were talking about a large unfilled order?
    Am i thinking the unthinkable?????

    I noted aj giving TAS AND MATES arun for their money _ it was pure theatre
    I am sure i speak for all GKP INVESTORS in thanking you for looking out
    for us.
    With you onside we will all feel safer………… good luck robert

    • miopus says:

      aj and I have complained frequently to iii. GKP have also been made aware of the comments – particularly in regard to alleged lies told by our esteemed Todd -.and the fact that iii allows this to go on and on unabated.

  6. aj says:

    Tas Devil is back is an employed deramper in my opinion and for some reason the iii seem to ignore the issues despite myself and others having made complaints. I wish to know why this member and his other numerous aliases and accomplices haven’t been banned. There is currently a concerted effort to try and destabilise the share price but of course it won’t work as the fundamentals are too great and as such will always win the day.

    I also wonder as its been noted by several different posters regarding a 800K buy order waiting for 88 pence per share so could it possibly be that these individuals are perhaps working for a market maker company to assist in facilitating this buy order. I remember the £2M purchase by Jeremy Asher at 94 pence per share recently and one wonders as the share price seemed to behave in a similar fashion then as to now.

    What do you think Dan? Many thanks for your update and as always its much appreciated.

    • Brokerman says:

      There’s certainly a concerted attack on GKP STOCK going on at the moment. I refer you back to one of my posts where i stated that the expectation was that most PI’s would be shaken out of the stock before the big money is made.
      I read this Tas devil today he/she posted utter guff about how the wifi line explanation was wrong he/she is obviously now on the defensive. Bashers always attack posts that undermine their objectives.
      He/she are using different accounts with different IP’s it’s as plain as day. Investors need to keep reporting them and DEMAND ACTION. Eventually they will be banned. You need to have a stratergy to deal with them. A BASHER wants his posts on the thread and read by other investors which get picked up by other boards. If it was me i’d post 10 seperate good bits of news to every one BASHER post that way it gets booted down the thread.


    • Brokerman says:

      Make no mistake BASHERS are at work on GKP.
      It’s doing the rounds here.


  7. steve says:

    Thanks for informing everyone on the devious ways the basher operates, great read and very informative, just wish people would ignore their posts.

    Bit disappointed that you missed that RNS dan lol take care and thanks again for keeping pi’s informed


  8. axis says:

    This has done the rounds a few time but still very relevant Don’t reply or engage them,
    that’s how the make their money

    As many of you are aware, I am a paid ‘basher’. As childish as bashing might seem on the surface, a lot of money actually exchanges hands based on the work we do. I work(ed) for an investment firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I worked in cooperation with several others and under several aliases in several online investment forums. Including PresidentBush, Tooth18, OneVultrue, 7Midniqht and Herbacious on Stockhouse.

    To make a long story short. I have had an epihphany in the past few days. I watched the movie Fight Club, and as brutal as the movie is on the surface, it actually caused me to question a lot of things I do or have done in my life. The next day I was involved in a single vehicle car accident, which caused my vehicle to roll-over. I walked away from it all, but it got me to thinking. I only live once, is this what I want from my life? Is this what I’ve always wanted to do – I am not even proud of my career or myself. I say that I am a stock broker, but that is a lie. We are basically paid con-men. I quit today, no questions asked. Just walked out. I am 23 years old, and this is not what I want out of life.

    The scheme works like this. Be aware of it so you can guard yourself. Our company monitors undervalued companies with strong assets and strong potential. When this company, XXX.V, for example, reaches an overbought situation, our company begins selling shares that we do not own in hopes of purchasing these shares at a lower price later on. As the share price dips, our company purchases these shares for a cheaper price at the lowered ask price. That is where we come in – we bash the stock online to try and further the negative sentiment so that the stock gaps down further and increases our profit margin. This type of activity is called naked short selling and it should be illegal. Our firm is a well established one that deals out shares that we do not own, then send out an army of online rats to undermine the company’s successes to drive the price down.

    As an employee, I never really realized the effect it had on investors or companies. I just really cared about opening the gap as much as possible, so that I could make a larger commission. It was all just a big game.

    LEARN ABOUT HOW BASHERS WORK: For instance: did you know that some Bashers are paid?

    Golden Rule:

    IGNORE THEM …learn how professional Bashers are paid: When you REPLY to Bashers you give them an opportunity to earn appox. 5-7 dollars. The service agreement they enter into with their employer states their messages will be monitored for content, profanity, lies, etc. but Overseers and the like don’t have the time to check all their Bashers messages. Only occasional spot checks are done. Those who manage the Basher will generally read the headlines to see if a Basher is replying to other posters by name. That tells them the Basher isn’t just “posting blindly” or repeating the same message over and over since they won’t pay for those.(True to form a Basher will put the bite on anyone, even their unscrupulous employer). A Basher will attempt to milk three to five replies per post at one to two dollars each. This way the Basher spreads negative influence to as many stockholders as possible. A Basher will create this discussion thread because it takes less time reading more messages than is necessary. This ultimately allows the Basher more time to post and make money. In general, NEVER ENGAGE A BASHER. Make them read all the posts and think up ways to enter the discussion. NEVER ENGAGE A BASHER; if you do so then YOU BECOME THE BASHER,S AID! If you feel compelled to challenge a Basher do so without mentioning his/her true alias in your response. This will make it hard for the Basher to use your post as a revenue stream. Read the news, do your own homework and make your own decisions. Get real time quotes and follow the stock for a couple of weeks. Due Diligence is key here. Know that there will be a time when the stock runs up which will be followed followed by the Bashers and those that missed the boat. The Bashers will trash the stock by saying such things as “it’s a Pump and Dump” and “the company is lying” and deceiving. There goal is to scare off newbies and potential new investors by “shaking” you out of your shares. Take the time to confirm your DD ,trust your own judgement and believe in yourself, pick your point of return or loss and live with it. Don’t listen to hype or Bashers trust your own judgement. Live by the rules you have created .””

  9. miopus says:

    Excellent post Dan !! It has had a good effect on GKP board. I didn’t appreciate this until someone else said so, but iii could suffer from advertisers pulling out. Rule 10 is sound, but not if iii KEEP failing to take action.

    • stewart says:

      Hi dan,

      Was not sure how to get in touch so posted here, I am still hanging on with GKP, are you expecting an RNS before Christmas and if so what are you expecting, a resolution to funding may give us a much needed boost and put to bed the financing matters, have you a view on a placing price, or would you expect SEDA drawdown, personally I hope a company takes a 15% stake, your private oil company in the next block looks good.

      Finally are you able to advise if there is an RNS in place for empyrean energy ticker eme on AIM

      Kind regards