GKP Update 13. (Buy)

News from the floors.

There are NO RNS alerts or Embargos currently on this stock as of 10.46am  today. News is well over due here. I expect some thing will come through during the week. My sources are telling me that there should be news before Xmas not very helpful but that’s the way it is. I will of course post here the moment i hear any whispers of an RNS/Embargo though i am not 100% certain of getting it( i’ll do my best). I have been hearing news of the second drill. Plant is now on site as are the accomodation blocks/offices. Hunt oil have been very active recently within the Kurdistan government rumoured to be very close with the leading lights of the KRG apparently they hosted a small exclusive celebration during the  recently celebrated eid festival, make no mistake here a Takeover is very much being played out behind the scenes. The DGA  report is being withheld  from the great unwashed private investors. Why? It’s a takeover ploy. The report was finalised many weeks ago and IS in the hands of all major gkp players in the city of london.

Kozel has been hosting many meetings and speaking to leading figures in the oil industry over the last several weeks i know for certain that one of them he spoke to was>>>>>>>>>>>>>……… Hunt oil!



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  1. Jay053 says:

    Thankyou Dan great update, i will be topping up again V soon!!!

    I have already asked on your other post,,, But have you heard anything on PXS?? such as an RNS??

    Thankyou for keeping us up to date here!!


  2. randalf says:

    Thanks for the update Dan,

    I’m hoping that a) it’s a good update and that it sends the SP up past the £3 level and b) that it happens after i’ve liquidated some gold mining shares to top up.

    although if I had to choose one then I’d prefer a to b 🙂

  3. stewart says:

    Hi Dan,

    Once again many thanks for taking the time to post your views I find them very interesting to read, I have to say that if takeover talks are ongoing and news is due in particular the DGA report why is the share price falling, in fact every day for about 3 weeks.

    In particular you say the DGA report is with people in the city, WHO, because if it is the Nomad, Broker of GKP then I find that strange should an RNS not be issued. If others have seen it and I am unsure how they could why have the parties not upped their stake, or have they, all seems rather strange.

    Getting rather narked at the constant fall.

    Look forward to your response.



  4. steve says:

    Dan thanks for update, the thing that puzzles me is while potential investors are not swarming all over GKP like bees to a honey pot. Have you any thoughts as to why the price has not reacted to what appears to be a gigantic find, something strange here imho

    Thanks ….steve

    • Brokerman says:

      Investors will be swarming over GKP. As soon as one or two seniors firm up on TAKEOVER and rate in-house, at the time of writing the conditions have not been met for in-house codes. It’s only a matter of time. I have pinned my flag to the mast as a junior here i am well ahead of the seniors who’s attention is being diverted by, among others, Cadburys,Lloyds, BA and the rest of the top 100.


      • stewart says:

        Hi dan,

        What conditions have not been met, can you elaborate, 10 -15 billion barrels, CNN interview, presentation, meeting with god knows who, 4 blocks, against political but this seems to being addressed and awaiting DGA report, still interested about this report why if complete is it not circukated or been RNS’d.

        Are you sure it is complete to TD and covering Triassic, clearly reserves cannot be firmed up yet



      • Stig says:

        Hmmm…you are using internal big-city-firm-double-speak here Dan. I think I know what you mean. Essentially those with the largest chins are busy looking to make a bob out of Black Horse and the Chocolate Factory so got no time to look at tiddler oilies even if they do have billions of barrels of oil. Soon as their attention is turned to GKP SP should start to move up. Well lets hope so. Meantime keep and eye on AMER – doing brilliant for me so far!

        Have a great Xmas Dan and thanks for your 50 posts so far.


  5. retardo says:

    cheers again dan for taking time and effort to update the great unwashed!!

  6. theshipscook says:

    it won’t take long for someone to inadvertently leak a tiny snippet of info relating to the DGO report. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some activity very soon.

  7. Simon Adams says:

    Some rather starnge goings on with GKP over the last three weeks, feel news must be due. The Times mentioned a rumour of a placing at 90p, personally i don’t they ar far off the mark as GKP have dropped incredibly in percentage terms inspite of the recent spudding news.

  8. Stallionman says:

    Dan any thoughts on a RNS or interim DGA report this year ?

    Nice if before xmas say eg xmas eve 12.00, 30mins before market closure

    • Brokerman says:

      Unless GKP put on an embargo. I can’t judge the release. I have them on alert again! As soon as i get any news i will certainly post it. All at the moment is eerily quiet due to the Xmas period.


      • stewart says:

        Hi Dan,

        Thanks for that last post, are you saying that they are due another RNS when you say that you have them on alert again.

        Would be interested in your view on the very small drawdown that they did today, hardly seems worth it unless it was pocket change to tie them over until a major placing or company take a stake, or even take us out or buy Shaikan. If it were a placing would you agree with the Times comment at 90p



        • Brokerman says:

          There’s no problem here with any placing vis-a-vis GKP value. I will be posting an update later tonight on where i think GKP are as of now from some of the Senior comment here.


  1. 15 December, 2009

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