Sterling Energy Update1

Speculation that the rig for the proposed drill  has arrived on site is gaining ground here. Has the drilling started? Expect news from SEY very soon.

Some of the Board members are whispered to be heading for the drill site in Kurdistan as we speak. Several of the big wigs were unavailable to take  calls yesterday from one of the brokerages. (Are they out of the UK?) The consolidation of the stock combined with a now debt free company may very well force the sp up as the drilling commences. In-house notes here have sey as a short term gainer on news of spud.  ****I personally have no faith in this company as it has shafted share-holders more times than i care to remember the recent change at the top may well indicate that management has finally been brought to book lets hope so**** Even though i personally don’t rate this company due to the disgraceful way it has conducted its business over the last 12 months there are gains to be had here.

Good Luck to all who hold.


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  1. Stig says:

    Thanks for the update. A while ago you posted that SP would spike on spudding. You still expecting this to happen?


  2. Robert O says:

    Interesting to hear your views on SEY i was going to get a few shares but changed my mind.
    You cmmented on PXS a couple of weeks ago, i see that the EU agreed the wording
    (labelling) .I think this could be massive (global) With this anti-thrombotic food technology which reduces platelet aggregation i am of the opinion that companies
    producing food will want to introduce this product into the food chain ,as a
    non-prescriptive medicine it could easily take the place of aspirin??(research results
    due 2010 ) that is if they can produce in capsule/tablet form.
    During my prfessional career (now retired) i saw the grief caused by cardiac related
    illnesses – any progress in this field will be welcomed . some thoughts on pxs. Rob.

    • Brokerman says:

      There’s one big problem with introducing it into food stuffs and that’s how willl Fruitflow effect the taste of established products. Can it be introduced with out companies wishing to test it througly beforehand. I can’t imagine Hovis or any other company putting it into their products with out a long term consumer related trial/test. The same goes for any company wishing to launch a new product with fruitflow as an ingredient trials and tests have to be undertaken by focus groups,consumers etc etc. I did hear a whisper that fruitflow in its organic state stinks to high heaven, so i wouldn’t be putting my shirt on it at the moment.


  3. stewart says:

    Hi dan,

    Was not sure how to get in touch so posted here, I am still hanging on with GKP, are you expecting an RNS before Christmas and if so what are you expecting, a resolution to funding may give us a much needed boost and put to bed the financing matters, have you a view on a placing price, or would you expect SEDA drawdown, personally I hope a company takes a 15% stake, your private oil company in the next block looks good.

    Finally are you able to advise if there is an RNS in place for empyrean energy ticker eme on AIM

    Kind regards


  4. aidan says:

    On Sterling’s website there in an awesome picture of oil seeping out of the sand. Could be very good.