NORTHERN ROCK. Nil compensation.

The word here is that Andrew Caldwell the disgracefully appointed valuer has failed to value NRK .His remit was always going to be a NIL benefit for the STOCK. The biggest travesty of justice is his failure to take into account the support given by the HM TREASURY to NRK. PAID for by NRK to the tune of several hundred million pounds! An absolutely disgracefull act of share theft by this corrupt Government. But hold your horses all is not lost. The big hitters here are taking the British Government to EUROPE where justice will finally prevail as it did with the RAILTRACK fiasco.

Alistair Darling you will not be in government but your sins and lies will come back to haunt you!!!


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  1. randalf says:

    With the conditions imposed by the gov there was never any possibility of anything other than a zero valuation.

    This was IMO one of the problems in going through the courts because they can only rule on what actually has happened, and it’s difficult to get a judge to rule on the value of a company when the valuer only has to say the work is ongoing and would people save criticisms until the work is complete.

    That said, the valuer in this case should have had the professional integrity to walk away from the job because the fallout from this will mean the company in question will lose future work due to lack of integrity.