ShareProphets Covid Stocks Suspension Call. ‘Click Bait!’. Pitchfork Mobs Stand Down!

Social media was set ‘ablaze’ last night by a ridiculous article/podcast released yesterday on (usually on the money) ShareProphets…. Demanding the suspension of all Covid stocks. I can only come to the conclusion that Tom Winnifrith’s ‘retirement’ is much closer than we think. Does he really believe that the London Stock Exchange should suspend ALL UK Covid stocks because there may be an unruly market caused by, wait for it, wait for it…… An official government website that releases information on successful contracts? The UK Government procurement departments have literally been doing this for years!!!! That simply isn’t going to happen.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that why investors/traders punt in the market? You know to make money. News for you Tom most of us aren’t multi-millionaires, sat in a beautiful million pound Georgian farmhouse, don’t begrudge the small time punter a win. If you do then rename your site #ShareNoProfits

In ‘deedy do’ isn’t that what TW does, he opines on good stocks or bad stocks, investors buy in on his opinions, investors sell on his opinions, investors read his opinions and investors pay for his opinions but to come out screaming utter ‘shite’ demanding a suspension of some of the very stock/s he and his paying readership are ebullient on, really takes the proverbial biscuit. I can’t stop laughing. It’s got to be a ‘wind up?’ 

"The reason is a webpage which went live yesterday and which is now being widely discussed on social media which seems to show that the Government is soon to announce contracts worth £8 billion for covid test suppliers.  This is going to cause share price mayhem on Monday." ShareProphets.

It’s just plain dumb that when ‘some’ lowly Private Investors/Traders are on the cusp of making huge financial, life changing, monetary gains, Tom wants their companies suspended, LOL!

Is this a side effect of his recent Covid vaccination? Has Darren been slipping ‘something’ in his red wine? Has he been on the Welsh magic mushrooms again? The mind fucking boggles…

And just what does ShareProphets think will happen, if we bend reality to their ‘unreality’ when they all come out of ‘suspension?’ I won’t answer that, we’ll leave that hanging in the air…. For the Bearcast.

Last night, and no doubt today, the super information highway was and will be in uproar. Tom, you can’t shit on every ones hopes & dreams on the  GENUINE potential of these Covid stocks to win transformative Government contracts and expect a pat on the back… The ‘Pitchfork Mob’ are on the rampage! LOL!!! What you’ve written is ‘click bait’, but  I suspect you know it… 

UK Investors/Traders should Calm themselves down. Holders of  #GDR #MHC #ODX #YGEN #SNG #AVCT #NCYT etc. Your time will come.

There’ll be no mass suspension. Extinguish your torches….





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5 Responses

  1. Uracca2 says:

    I like Tom, on this he’s dead wrong.

    There’s being controversial, backing it up with proof and there’s being a d***. He’s the latter.

    • Dan Levi says:

      ShareProphets regardless of what the loons post, is probably the best information portal out there on the City of London and worth every penny of the £5.99p a month subscription.

      Tom Winnifrith, as much as it may leave a sour taste in the mouth of some traders/investors, is a forensic financial Genius. However like all geniuses, occasionally there’s a flaw. Generally he’s right. On this I think he’s wrong.

      Debate is good, it adds to the rich tapestry of all things in life.

      Keep it clean on the comments. Abuse, no matter how deserving you believe it 2 be will not help you in Trading/Investing.


  2. Sohail says:

    The nanny state has already intervened on Bitcoin and cannabis etf preventing the small guy from entering the market but the big city folk can.Anyone buying knows where we are so surely they should be+allowed the opportunity.

  3. Aquilla says:

    Suspend the London Stock Exchange. Period. Disqualify Hedgefunds, shorters, widows & orphans. That’s what I say.

    Throw in the banks also… Rage against the man.

  4. Alex says:

    Not sure what GDR has anything to do with the UK. Absolutely zero as they have clearly stated they are targeting US, Africa, and India.

    MHC is probably going to bag a 200-300million pound contract given last year’s huge 500m pound Randox contract and the UK’s change of stance on foreign diagnostic companies.