Quindell. Today’s Wiffy RNS…

The world of high finance & telelies, oops sorry typo, telematics was awash today with yet more spin from beleaguered Quindell PLC (LON: QPP). In todays RNS we learned of a super deal for QPP telematics with a “Major Insurer” this quote “Major Insurer” was screamed no less than 11 times in the RNS. Read it HERE

But wait a minute it got even better Rob Terry goes on to tell us that this nameless “Major Insurer” is one of the Top 3 Insurers in Canada. See TOP 25 Canadian Insurers click  HERE Now if I had just contracted a Top 3 Canadian “Major Insurer” I’d be screaming the name out to all and sundry.

I can exclusively reveal that according to my research the “Major Insurer” has to be one of these three. 1/ Manulife Financial.  2/ Great West Lifeco. or 3/Sun Life Financial.

Emails and calls have gone in to all 3 Top Canadian Insurers.

Now here’s a thought; if it is one of the above why hasn’t Rob Terry announced it? Here’s another thought; If it’s not one of the them of course you’d never announce it!

Simple question for Robert Terry is it one of the above 3?

N.B. When in a hole stop digging.

Tick! Tock ! Rob.


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