My Health Checked: MHC Covid Test Moon Shot! Buy!

Just occasionally a company pops up that’s below the radar and My Health Checked (LON: MHC) are certainly not known in the general investor/trader space. They’ve no visibility or traction yet, but that looks set to change with their potential news flow over the coming months.

For those that don’t know the Company or the sector, I’ll lay out a brief outline.


The Bio/Pharms (Covid) sector is prone to huge rises/volatility, particularly since the onset of the Covid19 virus and ensuing pandemic, Vaccines, PPE, Testing & all things Covid critical can make the ‘canny’ huge returns. In March 2020 Omega Diagnostics (LON: ODX) was trading at 8p. It went over £1. Currently at 80p. Genedrive (LON: GDR) was 10p in March 2020 it hit £2.20p in May currently sits at £1.40p, same same Avacta (LON: AVCT) 15p hit £2.10p now sitting at £1.45p. There are plenty of other Covid mega rise story’s out there.

Concepta changed their name to My Health Checked. MHC are packed with experience in the home health care testing space, their product pipelines include, fertility, immune function, food intolerance & DNA testing to name but four. They know their sector and they are now in the Covid space, MHC are not a one trick pony and this Company will gain traction over the next 3 months or so. They maybe late to the party but they are here now….

There’s been a board room clear out with a move into Covid testing, I tipped Concepta on my blog (pre their recent rise, raise & name change) at 0.9p after I discovered that the new management were entering the Covid19 testing space. Their Laboratory/s are based in the Manchester science park. The recent placing at 1.75p has been heavily backed by Venture Capital/Enterprise Investment Scheme, bods, these for tax reasons are ‘sticky’ investments which is why the bookbuild was closed within 10 hours of its announcement. The appetite with hindsight suggests that the raise should have been done at 2p+. There are very few retail punters in MHC. It’s a ‘tight ship’. The approval for the Placing & Firm Subscription Shares should come at the AGM ON 18th, admission to trading on AIM at 8.00 a.m. on or around 19 February 2021. That’s the date that MHC will start to slowly come into focus.

My Health Checked are now a Government approved provider of Test to Release and private COVID tests. Spring is approaching, the test to fly scheme will be on full steam here before we know it. The run up to that will see plenty of coverage in the National news as well as updates from the Company. If they, as a Government approved provider, land a Government or Corporate contract/s the SP will go mental. It’s rumoured that they are in discussions with several big retail/corporate outfits. They are fully funded, £3.4M raised, Directors took part, more to the point they are now operational in the Covid testing sphere. Now here is one of the many kickers, MHC COVID tests identify all presently known Covid mutations. The company’s rapid Covid testing service is value beating, it’s price competitive and is being rolled out. Which is why it has been added to the UK Government’s approved COVID-19 private testing providers list for General Test and the Test to Release for the recently introduced International Travel scheme. You cannot fly or return unless you are tested as ‘Covid negative’. As it stands now you cannot fly without such a test

Moon Shot

They’re sat at 2.2p as of writing. I can’t see them going down I can only see them rising. Anything under 5p in my opinion is a good price. They could hit 10p in the blink of an eye. 20p isn’t impossible, with a Government or Corporate contract a UK based Covid stock will become a ‘moon shot’, 25p, 50p, 100p, 30p, it’s that kind of space re the pandemic. They are not going down they are going up incrementally or exponentially.

The only thing that’s holding them back is piss poor PR/IR: take a bow Wallbrook and (There’s been no coverage) ratification of the recently heavily oversubscribed capital raise. MHC are below the radar. That will change.


As ever ‘don’t throw caution to the wind’. Get researching, get up to speed before you decide Yea or Nay. If you do take a punt, keep it small. Don’t throw in the kitchen sink. Greed is your enemy.

MHC Presentation final version – 250121




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6 Responses

  1. ODXinvestor says:

    Great find Mr Levi. Appreciate the heads up.
    Recently had superb cash gains on ODX

    With the right news My Health will go to £1+

    It’s a steal under 10p

  2. M/stonks says:

    I’ve heard about you Brokerman.

    You’re the guy the Hedgies, Directors + the FCA hate.

    Interesting read. When you coming to join us on Reddit?

    • BigRed says:

      Popped over myself. Its up 24%.

      Drop in the ocean plenty of movement in these vaccine testing companies. I can see this going over $1 min. Hell of a find bro

    • Dan Levi says:

      “Hate?” I just plough my own farrow….. LOL!!!!!

      You’re all mad on Reddit

      Take Care
      Best of luck


  3. LseRoger says:

    Dan, 2 Questions:

    1/ Is it right that you’re telling investors in your Telegram private group that My health will get to 25p before June this year?

    2/ Could you email me (provided) so that I can join the group?

    • Dan Levi says:


      I don’t have a secret squirrel ‘Telegram group’ and I am not involved or participate in any private group chats.. So, whoever’s telling you such is talking bollox….

      Could #MHC get to 25p? Of course it could. But we don’t have a crystal ball