ShareProphets, Tom ‘Pepper’, Red Faces All Round on Zenith Energy!

It’s an absolute shocker today for the ‘erstwhile’ writers at ShareProphets and Mr Marmite, Tom Winnifrith.

For month upon month over a considerable period of time, they’ve ran ‘interference’ (LIES) on Zenith Energy & the CEO Andrea Cattaneo. A campaign of spite and hate has today been exposed by Zenith’s successful award of the Tilapia2 Congo licence.

For those unfamiliar with the ShareProphets ‘Jackanory’ here’s the basics. TW has been attacking Zenith at every opportunity not only by claiming numerous times on ShareProphets & Twitter that the company had lost it’s Tilapia licence but by constantly making unfounded complaints to the FCA. The campaign has culminated in decimating the Zenith Energy SP, to all time lows, Shareholders have paid the price and lost huge amounts of cash on the, to put it mildly, ‘Ravings’ of Tom that Zenith had “lost the Tilapia licence.” 

I warned Tom that his ‘Ravings‘ were inaccurate not only damaging to Zenith but their Shareholder base. Zenith never ‘lost the licence’, they were in a renegotiation with the Republic of Congo. At worse and at best, It was a binary outcome. However to refuse to change course, away from the lies and objectively ‘tell it as it is’ has now resulted in one almighty embarrassment for ShareProphets & Red face TW. ‘Cause believe me Tom Winnifrith will be cringing today.. Oh to be a fly on the wall at Winnie Towers….

If they had told it as it was the SP of Zenith would probably be 2/3p today. There failure is a failure of truth. To ‘bear false witness against they neighbour’  serves nobody, especially when it comes from several malcontents who were feeding your ego with spurious lies, greedily swallowed by ShareProphets for nothing more than clicks & subscriptions. But that ‘Click Bait’ has now come full circle to bite your arse. Did I tell you Tom or did I tell you?

Tom Winnifrith now owes each & every Zenith shareholder an apology. A full ‘mea culpa’ with an even bigger personal apology to the CEO who has conducted himself with gentlemanly aplomb.

But don’t hold your breathe, the only thing that’ll come will be Weasley words…

Time to ‘fess up’ Thomas Pepper, admit that you got it wrong ‘Bigly’. Pack in the Hate Campaigns. Base your articles on known, verified parameters.

Then you too can be like me. Telling it as it is, good or bad. The Truth will set you free! 








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5 Responses

  1. TheArtofZen says:

    Once again Dan you nail it.

    sold at 0.46 after buying at 0.98. Buddy I wrote zen off once Winnifrith started attacking.

  2. Richard Carton says:

    I thought the licence was in the Republic of Congo or Congo-Brazzaville rather than DRC.

  3. ZenithToTheMoon says:

    Was Tom Winnifrith involved with the ex director Alex MacDonald and his bid to take over AAOG via Jub Capital? If he was being paid to promote their bid then this would explain why he had such a hate for Zenith, as there is really no other explanation for such a concerted campaign against the company.

    As you have quite rightly pointed out Winnifrith is no friend to small investors and instead seems to only be on the side of who is paying him most.

    • Goofy guy says:

      That Alex Mac is a piece of shit. Read his Twitter.

      God damn idiot, defo one of wankfroths sources.