West Newton Update: 150M -350M Barrels of oil/gas?


The West Newton discovery is now on track to be the largest UK onshore discovery since 1973,  (Wytch Farm). This is huge, of National importance to the UKs energy security. The B-1Z well encountered a gross 62 metre hydrocarbon bearing reservoir interval in the primary Kirkham Abbey target formation, as of now the declared ‘scores on the doors’ are an oil/gas column of at least 118 metres, significantly exceeding previous observations.

Lot of information will start to filter through over the weeks and months, the difficulty is that you have to sort out the wheat from the chaff. The big question is how does this latest discovery convert into barrels of oil? That’s the question yet to be officially confirmed. But make no mistake Rathlin and the partners have done the calculations. As soon as production casing has been run then I’d expect news. Possibly even before..

However sources, indicate that the West Newton players believe that the oil/gas in place will significantly increase. Reservoir/accumulation on this discovery all but nails it! When company’s tell you that they’re sat on the biggest onshore UK discovery since Wytch Farm then I’d tend to believe them!

The range of the barrelage, which is obviously unconfirmed and subject to all the usual caveats as per my last article, is 150M BOE up to 350M+ BOE. Now regardless of where the needle eventually settles those numbers are phenomenal. 

As for will it flow? Does a bear shit in the woods? Enhanced porosities of over 14%. observed on wireline logs, says it will. Plus I’m hearing that this discovery is more oil than gas. 

West Newton is a multi-billion dollar play now. So expect some predatory action round about or just before Extended well testing….






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