West Newton: Twist, Fold Or Hold?

** Before I give my update, there are a few things that mug punters & genuine followers, readers need to address and that is your own personal situation and attitude! If you feel at any time, ANY misgivings on any trade or investment then move on, sell up! It really is that easy! There’s no shame in selling, it’s not a ‘pissing contest’ or a game of chicken or indeed as the pump & dumpers would have you believe ‘Know The Game’. It’s not a game, (any one who tells you this should be blocked, unfollowed and ignored). Take responsibility for your portfolio. It’s your money, ultimately it’s your call. Here Endeth The Lesson….

Twist Fold or Hold? That’s the question currently on the minds of some UK traders/investors hoping for a big Onshore UK Hydrocarbon discovery at the Rathlin operated licence, West Newton.

As of last week numerous city sources indicated that whispers (Unconfirmed) of a big hydrocarbon discovery were circulating. I tweeted this out last week. My gut tweet etc. So it’s with a few caveats that following on from that, after more research that I’m now in a position to state that West Newton has had Major Hydrocarbon shows in the Kirkham Abbey formation side track drill. I believe that the partners may be on the cusp of finalising logs, data prior to an announcement of, potentially, one of the biggest UK Onshore Hydrocarbon discoveries.

When I say ‘Hydrocarbon’ I state that because as good or bad as I am at sniffing out information. I don’t know what the make up is. It could be any one from 3, any two from 3 or all three i.e. Oil, Gas, Condensate. I don’t have access to Rathlins data suite…. I also don’t know when the result good or bad or confirmed either way will be RNS’d. And remember there’s always a chance, as a contact of mine said that I ‘could be wrong or am being feed horse shit, by contacts’. I take that into consideration as this has happened to me 7/8 yrs ago by Evolution Securities on Tower Resources. There’s always risk regardless.... There’s no certainty until it’s in an RNS.

But I do know 99% that the West Newton result is now known by the Operator, Rathlin and in my opinion it’s coming in!

Make your decision/s based on your situation, don’t come howling to ‘Yours Truly’ if it comes in or doesn’t. Or if share prices rise 300%-400% and you miss it or you don’t…. Contrary to pithy epithets, Fortune doesn’t favour the brave and He who dares doesn’t always win! He who knows the outcome does!

Twist, Fold or Hold!


Good Luck





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  1. AdvfnSimon says:

    Thanks Dan.

    Positive realism. Way to many scammers never highlightthere’s ‘always risk’. Reabold is my exposure.

    Target 3p on big oil or gas find