Angus Energy. Abandon ship! It’s a Clusterfook!

Well, well, well…. Today sees open warfare break-out in the fantasy that is Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) We’ve had so many deliberate shyster claims from this lot and the ‘howler monkeys’ on social media, that I don’t know where to start. The Kimmeridge clay lies, or the 10 oil tankers a day leaving Lidsey for the next 20 years, or maybe Willy Vonkys’ ridiculous lies, one of which is thus: “Lidsey will make the company self-funding for years to come ” P Vonk 2017 . ” We have all the licences in place ” March 2017. There are plenty of others but that one rather succinctly puts it in a nutshell….

Today’s requisition, on top of yet more Death Spiral Funding, to the tune of £3,000,000, heavily discounted, is just another batch of bad news on top of ALL the other ‘bad news’. Whether it be Brockham, Lidsey or the flow rates of a few barrels of ‘oil dregs’ sucked up then ‘dressed up’ as a silk ‘Kimmeridge’ purse company maker, or the booting of Jonathan Tidswell for market abuse in dodgy share trading. How bad is it? Rob Shepherd (NED) has ‘jumped ship’. I know Rob from his time involved with Sefton. One thing about Mr Shepherd, when the shit hits his tan, he runs. There’s more to his resignation than meets the eye. And least we forget ‘Lord Liealot’ that well known bullshitter, wholesale liar and purveyor of the finest Aussie kangaroo shit the fat man himself David Liargas. You can bet your last ANGS shares that the corpulent finger of fatso is pushing this one.

Angus share-holders are now between the devil and the deep blue sea. Stick with the utter calamity that is Paul Vonk or trust in Jonathan Tidswell who’ll be illegally ‘shadow directing’ Angus Energy with his men on the board. Of course, there’s that little ‘fly in the oil’ of ‘legality’ if and when their Nomad decides that JT is indeed shadow directing then the plug will be pulled and you can all wave goodbye as the company swirls down the Kimmeridge sink-hole.

Sell up protect your cash.



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1 Response

  1. Steven Sadler says:

    How can any sane investor fall for the Angus spin? I just don’t get it Dan? Time & time again they’ve been caught out telling lies.

    The narrative is such that I can only conclude that the market and shareholders don’t give a fig on the actual truth. Any old bullshit will do so long as it pushes the value with volume so they can cut each other’s throats. How can any one invest in a fraud? Then winge like a baby when it goes pear shaped.