Stop sending E-Gifts!

Soldiers of Somme Company, 1st Lancs Wait to B...

Image by Defence Images via Flickr

Just to reiterate this Blog is free.

Can those who have sent E-Gifts please refrain from doing so {I have forwarded them onto HELP for HEROES} If you feel that you have benefitted financially from information posted on the Blog and would like to make some kind of gesture then please click on the Help for Heroes link and donate to them.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the wars the UK are currently engaged in our Troops/armed services are caught between a rock and a hard place. British servicemen/women are paying a terrible price for these follies. They are the last line of defence for our country and their sacrifice needs to be recognised by all!. Any donations/gifts to Help for HEROES Please!


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  1. pumpkin says:

    Well in my dictionary and lexicon dans spot on
    “securitisation or securitised” Safe; Secure area,Financial instrument.
    I also googled this at

    The EU’s asylum policy in a securitised world by Irene Khan, Brussels, 15 April 2008

    mercredi 23 avril 2008, par Estelle Dubost

    SO I’D SAY Andalus its game set and match to Dan.
    Better luck next time mate!