Sterling Energy. Up on what? Expectation!


As i’ve said more times than a cockney stutter. Sterling are not flavour of the month with me.

However it pans out for the current stock holders i wish you all well.

The rise yesterday was based on “Expectation of drilling update”.

So lets hope the update comes Monday and it’s good news.


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No Responses

  1. Mercury says:

    So are you saying that theres news on monday dan?

  2. Bono says:

    Hey my man dan. You’ve been getting a bit of a mention from a well respected FT Alphaville commentator Neil Hume who works for the Financial Times.
    He’s following you on your twitter.
    He is a good geezer helps the Pi’s out and does a q+a on the FT site.
    Must be getting some of your info ror his site. Lmao!