Nostra Terra A Dose of Reality BMD Style! £90 Grand Left! Where Have The 10s of Millions Gone Lofgran?

Before I start the next ‘Rip’ of the shyster that runs Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG), I’m going to tell you a real life short story. So bear with me as it’s indicative of the dirty deceits perpetrated by the shyster Matt Lofgran, on UK Retail Investors.

The story of Gesseppe ‘Ges’ was a small time investor in Nostra who believed and invested. Ges was and is an Old Age Pensioner. Ges put, (to him) a hefty sum of his life savings into NTOG, Ges was wiped out. Ges began to investigate in-depth and posted his findings online. Ges recently got a solicitor’s letter from NTOG threatening him trying to force him to ‘shut up’. I know Ges and have spoken to him. He manages to survive on his state pension and what little he can earn via ‘odd jobs’ life is hard for him but he is an intelligent proud man in the twilight of his years who has suffered horrendously at the hands of what is little better than a Fraud. There are many Ges’s out there which is why I take it upon myself to expose people like Matthew Lofgran and his band of Merry Pump & Dumpers. So when you’re reading the next Ramptastic Horse Shit of an RNS. Remember Ges….

It was with a wry smile that I read last weeks ramptastic NTOG RNS on a hedging facility. The  pump & dump crew employed and associated with Nostra Terra Oil & Gas was out in force. The SP rose to way over 3p from 1.25p. Suckers were suckered in, greed often gets the better of the human spirit, common sense goes out the back-door, but as sure as night follows day the truth always wins. That truth landed a day or so later when the Nostra interims were announced. Losses of £16,000,000. Liabilities of  £1,092,000 and CASH in hand of £94K. Of course that was the financial position of this POS on 30th June 2017. A full three months have elapsed since then. Now I’m going to take you all on a journey and tell you all the story of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas since Day1. The day that this God awful shite company was taken over by Lofgran the shorting CEO and proven liar. It’s a forensic analysis that all should read.

The convoluted story here started on June 30th 2009. Since that day eight years ago the ‘Jackanory’ has had many changes, nomads, brokers, assets, wells, promises, false dawns, directors, advisers, geological plays, countries, US states of operation, debt providers etc. The story-teller in chief and the only fixed point of reference is the man running the scam/lifestyle company; Matt Lofgran. Who uses any and every platform known to man to ramp, lie & deceive, to get placing cash in. Twitter, Presentaions, Vox pumpcast, online shyster bloggers, podcasts, etc.

Since day one Lofgran has raised over £11,000,000 pounds via approx’ fourteen placings which doesn’t include their debt facility finance such as the $25m Texas Bank RBL facility, the $3M and $5M YA Global Master SPV Ltd Loan/SEDA facility, not to mention the £235,000 loan provided by Devon Energy Ltd. None of this includes the millions of dollars of oil revenue also skanked away lining the pockets of the corporates, Lofgran and paying debt fees and borrowings just to tread water backwards!

The shares in issue from IPO AND pre consolidation went from 301M to a thumping 4,110,347,691 Yes over four Billion shares! The dilution and value destruction here is incredible. But it gets even worse. Post the CONsolidation Lofgran has issued 38,359,817 shares. To put that into perspective pre the 50-1 CONsolidation that is another 1.9 Billion shares or circa another 50% dilution post CONsolidation! And in-order to keep lining his pockets there will be more placings and ‘Jackanory’.  It’s keep the lights on at all costs to financially rape UK Investors.

If you had invested £500,000 in the 1p Placing on the 3 December 2009 your 50,000,000 shares would now be 1,000,000  shares with a value of £1800 quid!! with an sp of 1.8p. The value destruction of the Lofgran stewardship is one of gargantuan proportions! The example above can be extrapolated from any ‘Placing Point’ in time. Take any placing pre or post CONsolidation and each and every one is massively underwater! The company had £94 grand left 3 months ago! Where has all the tens of millions of pounds gone? They have £90 fooking grand left!!! with liabilities running at eleven pounds to every £1 held!!! This company isn’t an investment. It is a vampire blood sucking entity run by corporate leeches slurping the life blood of UK Retail Investors. It needs a ‘Regulatory’ Stake through the heart! It’s insolvent without placings.

Lofgran has got away with monumental corporate shysterism by constantly flipping the story and leaking information to his Pump & Dump supporters. You can see this every time there’s a rise in the SP. An RNS lands, it’s as regular as clockwork. It’s been eight years of bullshit. Bullshit specifically designed to keep the body politic alive so that Lofgran and his corporate chums can feed off the body! He’s trousered millions of dollars! At the expense of gullible UK retail investors. Even now the Poltroons and Melts are still in ramptastic mode posting utter drivel trying to sucker in so they can exit. By the way.if you’re looking for cash spent on offices you’ll be hard pressed to find it. There are no offices, Nostra Terra is run out of a rucksack. From the home of Lofgran. No secretary, no fax machine, no company telephone number, no coffee machine. Zippo…

Look at how the story keeps being changed. We’ve had the Hoffman Field, Bloom Field, Koelsch Field, Boxberger Field, Oktyabrskoe field, Trapp  field, Liberty Well Utah Overthrust Paxton thrust field, Giddings Field, Woodlawn field, Manderson Field, Cottonwood Creek Field, Pine Mills Field, about the only field we’ve not had is Anfield!

As for the geological formations and basins and prospects trumpeted out they beggar belief. I can’t list them as I’d be here for days!!! Take a look at the wells which are by no means an exhausted list but should give you a flavour of the constant ever-changing ‘Jackanory’

We’ve gone from Austin Chalk, Liberty , Vintage Hills, Nesbitt, Agnello #1 Bale Creek, Verde1, Warrior Prospect, East Ghazalat, Chisholm Trail, High Plains Prospect, High Plains Prospect – Additional Interest Acquired, Verde3, Verde 2 Chisholm Trail 1, Chisholm Trail 2, Chisholm Trail 3, Chisholm Trail 4 5 6 7 etc…… The  Jones 1-5H well, The Holt Well, The Gant Well, The Tharp 2-26H Well, The LSEPMU 7-3H Well, The Mel B 1-33H Well, The  Katy 21-1H Well, The Bugg 1-25H Well, The Oswald 1-27H Well, The Foster 31-1H Well,  The Gant 1-22H Well, The Curly 1-26H Well, The Wilson 3-8-5H well, The Jones CT8 Well, White Buffalo Prospect, the Big Horn Basin, Bollenbach 1-33H Well, San Miguel Prospect, Don Pedro Prospect, Paw Paw Prospect, North Dabaa 1X Well, North Dabaa 2X  Well etc. ect. etc….. The list is endless and it goes on and on. I could list each and every one of the piss poor stripper wells and marginal plays such as the twenty Pine Mills Stripper wells. But I’d be here till Xmas.

As for the US states and countries of operation that’s another ‘Jackanory’ in itself: Texas, Kansas, Utah, Oklahoma, Egypt, Ukraine, Colorado, Tunisia, Oklahoma ‘In House’ play, South Eastern Colorado, Wyoming, South Texas, North Africa, New Mexico. The constant twisting and turning of the ‘Jackanory’ is indicative of total failure and of a man who will do and say anything to keep the lights on so he can keep the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to. The ex estate agent is’nt an oil and gas man. The eight years of total failure proves it. Beyond any doubt whatsoever. He’s a charlatan!

Of course there’s going to be yet another Placing and another Placing. NTOG Can’t self sustain and never will because it’s a sham company run for the benefit of Lofgran. Not the share-holders who’ve been wiped out more times than I’ve had hot dinners! The history here ramp, promote, lie, leak, short, pump and dump rinse repeat… The controversy, lies, shorting of his own stock, secret payments and the deceits has made this company toxic. I assign no value whatsoever to their ‘Assets’ as the capex needed to keep them going by far out-stretches the return. Which is why they have £16,000,000+ of losses, your losses. The only value here is listing value. Nostra Terra are worth about £400,000 on a good day lock stock and barrel. That’s sub half a penny. 0.30p a share and that is generous, very generous.

If this POS was a race-horse it’d been taken out and shot to save on Veterinary fees years ago….

Bear in mind when you hold this stock you will lose your cash. History lesson and life lesson… The plain fact, if you hold this POS at any time the SP is rising you’re in danger of a Placing wipe-out. Suffered by everyone and anyone daft enough to hold. Remember ‘The Story of’Ges’….’






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