Matra Petroleum. Update Coming.

There’s been more emails on Matra Petroleum asking for news than on any other stock over the last month or so.

Suffice it to say that the Blog has gone all out here in a search for positive news.  We don’t post on stocks every minute of the day like a bulletin board we here actually hunt down news,research and firm it up!

I will be posting an update on Monday 15th of November.



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  1. Biggleswick says:

    Excellente. Look forward to it.

  2. The Count says:

    Hi Dan
    Bowleven’s had a stonking run this week and been on your radar before….what do think of the recent SP movement and potential?
    The Count

  3. MT says:

    How many people are brokermandan? in this post you state “We don’t…and “we here actually hunt down news”

    and in your previous post you mentioned “you’ll all recall Daniel’s posts on Victoria some time back in May of this year” … not “you’ll all recall MY posts”… obviously Brokermandan is more then 1 person – the plot thickens

  4. Maz P says:

    MTA hit 12p about 3 years ago to the day

    Just think of the compound interest buying at 2p and holding for when it takes out its previous highs!

    This is a BUY ladies and gentlemen. If you want to BUILD YOUR FORTUNE my advice is to buy a few for yourselves. Not too many just enough so you can share in the success. Tell your family and friends too. These opportunities to STRIKE IT RICH are very rare!

    This is a fantastic buy-in price especially with news around the corner. TAKE ADVANTAGE !!

  5. N says:

    What’s with the ‘we’ Dan? Either you’re the Queen (unlikely – but always possible) or there are many Dan’s. Which is it? The Blogees have a right to know…

    (And absolutely spot on from earlier poster about Bowleven; Dan you must get into these stocks early. No good when they are already spiking!)

    All the best…


  6. MikeST says:

    Dan, I just received this in my inbox but its not here on the blog??

    Brokerman | November 14, 2010 at 5:43 pm | Categories: 27848433 | URL:
    Lots of interest over the last 4/6 weeks on Matra especially with the recent release of their CPR on the 25/10/2010. We’ve contacted many sources in so far as it is humanly possible to give an unbiased objective opinion. There’s been so much mis-information and mis-conception on this company posted online. It seems that some […]

  7. MikeST says:

    Thanks Dan.

    (im being overly keen about anything published next in relation to MTA!)

  8. Warton2009 says:

    WTF has happened with the drilling now? Looks like this is going to be delayed yet again 🙁