Nostra Terra. A Tiddler to watch!

There’s excitement growing within the Nostra Terra camp this month after news on Bale-Creek added approx 18 bopd which is a 50% increase on production. However welcome the extra 18 barrels are we can exclusively reveal that Nostra are on the cusp of doubling their daily production to in excess of 100 barrels of oil per day. This will be transformational for them.

All four Chisholm drills are running ahead of schedule the main two drills 12.5% 5.31% are known to be on track & drilling problem free. The two tiny drills 0.16% + 0.47% are virtually completed, frac teams are known to be pulling out off site; results are better than expected.

Ward Petroleum are known by the BMD Blog to be very confident that all Chisholm Trail drills will/should be in-line with surrounding drills in their area currently completed by other operators & producing in excess of 200bopd. That means that Nostras’ total interests thus far in Chisholm will bring in a further minimum of about 40 extra barrels of oil per day upon completion putting Nostras’ daily production over 100bopd, which by the way is more than MAGP & we all know what’s happened there.

Leasing in the Chisholm Trail area is thought to be hotting up with leases being force pooled and bought up by operators.

Once Nostra, who are debt free, well financed & owed approx $1.5 million dollars plus interest from Richfield, reach 50 bopd then they are making money. That’s what the company told me 3 months ago.

Nostra are as of today producing about 53 bopd after the Bale Creek result this was confirmed to me yesterday in a two hour telephone conversation to the USA. We also have Verde2 to come in (more oil)

Investors can get ahead of the curve here. There is a plethora of good news on the way over the next 30 days or so which should or could push the sp back over 1p. I also (unlike Dreadful Sefton) have been given full access by the company to the Share-Register I can tell investors that Nostras’ share-holder base contains over 20 private individuals who own in excess of 15 million shares each. The share-register is a good way to gauge the depth of private investment. The main contingent of investors come from the UK but there are investors in the USA who listed recently several from Oklahoma! There’s also a healthy mix from European countries.

Get researching these they should begin to rise as and when good news is released. If they get over 100bopd before Christmas 2012 then count yourself in for an early Xmas. Rumour is that Nostra will participate/buy-in to further assets/drills on Chisholm Trail with Ward Petroleum. Their Geo-man Alden McCall is reported to have been a busy little bee assessing oil plays sifting the wheat from the chaff. Make no mistake Nostra are due a big rise in value over the next few weeks or so.

Certainly capable of rising very quickly on any good news. The heads up here is that we know there’s good news on the way.



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