Sefton Resources. More Kansas lies exposed!

I am currently embroiled with the High Courts of Justice on a matter of what I consider National Importance regarding the right to expose wholesale corporate fraud, deceit & down right lies stretching back 13 years from the London Alternative Investment Market company Sefton Resources.

A vexatious litigant whose raison d’etre is to silence its critics by using Libel writs so that it can continue to hoodwink unsophisticated UK Investors, by trying to gag not only myself but the hugely respected City of London Financial Journalist Mr T Winnifrth. Both myself & Tom will be appearing together at the High court before Master Kay on the 31st of this month. If you’d like to come along to boo or cheer then (It’s a free country). be my guest.

Moving on.

For the purpose of clarity I will stick to the Sefton/Teg Kansas production up to March 2013. There is a 90 day wait before figures are released by Kansas State authorities. So April, May & June 2013 have not been released. God knows the truth of those!

After all that has gone on here with this company, the lies, the deceits, the manipulations & the wanton greed, you’d think that Ellerton would have learnt his lesson on announcing dodgy production figures from California Tapia.  Lesson; Which is; when you have two financial bloggers, one an investigative photo-journalist digging in to your wild claims you stop making wild claims. But no a leopard can no more change its spots than Ellerton can stop lying.

Kansas production as reported by the company to the market/share-holders isn’t the same as the figures given to me by Kansas state officials. There’s a huge difference in those reported by Sefton and those registered with the Kansas State authorities. Sefton reported the production from Kansas as thus.

March 2013         approx’ 400 barrels

February 2013    approx’ 300 barrels

January 2013      approx’. 300 barrels

Later part 2012   approx’. 250 Barrels

Remember this little gem in the Feb’ 2013 RNS?  “550 barrels of oil have been sold since operations began in the latter part of 2012, which includes 300 barrels of oil sold in January 2013 with production coming primarily from two leases”

So it’s fair to extrapolate that the latter part of 2012 (Q4) produced 250bbls            

The only numbers I can get which have been confirmed by ***** Kanas investigations etc Are the ones reported below. Maclaskey are the purchasers. The Kansas official says that they could be selling the oil through another company? Why would they do that, if indeed they are? See below.
Sefton claimed       March 2013      approx’ 400 barrels              Actual 155.17bbls from 5 wells
2013 3 155.17 5 KELLY L. MACLASKEY OIL (100%)
Sefton claimed       February 2013  approx’ 300 barrels              Actual 149.55 bbls from 6 wells
2013 2 149.55 6 KELLY L. MACLASKEY OIL (100%)
Sefton claimed       January 2013    approx. 300 barrels              Actual 144.58 bbl from 6 wells
2013 1 144.58 6 KELLY L. MACLASKEY OIL (100%)

Sefton claimed          October 2012   approx. 250 Barrels              Actual 152.05 bbl from 6 wells

2012 10 152.05 6 KELLY L. MACLASKEY OIL (100%)
These are the Dark Horse wells. Here’s the link to the 13 of them 


Remember folks that “Dr” and I use the term loosely, Nafi Onat  the #onemanband company works out of a PO Box address. The Competent conman claimed that these wells could produce up to 27bopd each. Of course this whopper was given out to UK investors just before a placing. Read HERE


If you click on each one then you see that Teg Midcontinet LLC are the operator of 11 wells. 1 Well is operated by Dark horse another is “Unavailable” These are the 11 wells from DHO. The difference in production claimed and actual production reported is staggering.

So Mr Ellerton would you care to explain how the 1200 barrels of Kansas production reported by you up to March 2013 is actually showing as 601 barrels as reported to myself by our investigators & Kansas state officials?



Daniel Levi

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